GTM 26 car charger wire identification for 1450LMT


I have a Garmin 1450LMT with traffic receiver built in charger cable model GTM 26.

The mini usb connector is damaged, and I need to replace the connector and solder cables.

I stripped the cable and there are the following colored cables:
- red
- white
- yellow
- green
- shield/ground wire

I need to know which colored wires correspond to 5 pins on the mini usb plug.
See the mini usb plug -

I would to replace that usb connector and not pay 70$ for a new charging cable.
Please help

Mini USB

Personally I think if you buy a mini USB to USB cable, then cut off the USB end and solder the wires in at the traffic receiver end.
I think you will have a bit more room to wiggle there and the color codes should be self evident.
Just my thought

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