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when you download a poi and it has sound or a badge does it automatic download with poi? stupid guess after instaling poi does it just pop up on gps when you are driving?

No and no

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No, when downloading POI files (csv or gpx files), there will be no icon or audio unless you separately download the icon's bmp file and audio file (usually a wav but can be a mp3 for older devices). Your new nuvi will need wav audio files.

When properly named, the POI Loader program (and sox.exe, if installing audio with a PC) on your computer will combine the POI files and available icons and audio and install them to your nuvi as a gpi file.

Here's a Get Started FAQ. Check it over, try it out, and don't be shy about coming back with questions.

To succeed quicker, be sure to read the "sub-FAQs" in the above FAQ for more essential info.

thank you I am learning

thank you I am learning

Rest Areas Combined

BUTTERCUP44 wrote:

thank you I am learning

The FAQ I offered mentions a using a Rest Areas POI file, and the Rest Areas Combined POI file as an example of a custom POI used by many members here. If you're an occasional Interstate traveler in the US, you many find it useful as well. The Rest Areas Combined file also is one of the best files to use to first try adding an icon and an audio alert for reasons we don't need to get into yet...oh, the suspense. wink

PS: The above link offers a Rest Area wav audio file. It'd be useful and quick to use to learn about installing audio alerts, but I know I'd be driven batty if I heard that particular audio file more than a few times. confused

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BUTTERCUP44 wrote:

when you download a poi and it has sound or a badge does it automatic download with poi? stupid guess after instaling poi does it just pop up on gps when you are driving?[/


Welcome to POI Factory forum BUTTERCUP44 . Once you start setting up custom pois with the voice alerts you will see the full potential of your GPS and have some fun with it. You may want to look at to get started with your custom pois and alerts. Look around on the sites FAQ a lot of information is there. Also be sure to open up POI Loader and review the help section on it.

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Buttercup, you seem quite interested in learning about your new nuvi and especially its ability to use custom POI files based on the questions you've asked in a few forum threads already. That's great. A lot of what you're asking is carefully explained in the various FAQs, Tutorials, etc. and you'll be successful sooner if you take some time to read through these offerings. Don't hesitate to ask questions here once you've spent some time reading and testing procedures on your device.

I think you've gathered by now that Garmin nuvis can use either csv or gpx POI files.

My suggestion is to read through the various FAQs we've offered, then try some simple custom POI installations. Once you can install and use custom POIs, try running POI Loader in Manual Mode to set alerts and therefore learn how alerts are set up and how they work. As I said earlier, the RestAreasCombined POI file is the best to use for learning about alerts. You'll know you've succeeded when you drive by a rest area and get a "boing boing" alert sound from your nuvi.

If you are willing to pay for a subscription now—or if you keep active on the forums for a few weeks to earn your windmill—you can then download and install the redlight and speed cameras POI files. Try these as well.

Before thinking about creating your own POI file for haunted houses, etc., it's best to learn about how custom POI files work on your device.

PS—if you haven't download the owners manual yet, do that too: