New Dodge Ram


How do you upload the read light info into to a new dodge ram that has a Garmin gps?

James T Warring II

i think you are

Asking about red light cameras poi being installed into the GPS.

After looking at the dodge site they discuss a uconnect option which I think contains your GPS.

You might need to get a shop maintenance manual to see what you can do with this device.

Personally, I'd be very careful goofing around with this as many components may interact with each other.

Have you talked with the service folks at dodge oh garmin?

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Does your jeep have a USB port?

A friend has a 2011? jeep I loaded the red light file into. I used PoiLoader to load to "Computer". I named the file POI. This created a POI.GPI file.

On a Flash drive I created a folder named Garmin. Under that folder I created a folder named POI. I put the POI.GPI file in the /Garmin/POI/ folder.

Next I put the flash drive in the USB port in the Jeep. The jeep gps recognized the POI file and loaded it with a question like "keep POIs if removed". I would say no until you know it was working correctly.

All the rules about directory/file structure for creating the POI file applied when I tried this.