3597lmthd Upper left hand box for battery strength showing camera


Has anyone ever had a camera symbol appear in the upper
right hand corner where the bars for the battery strength
should appear. It was there when connected to my truck when
running and when running it on the nuvi battery alone.
It disappeared after I sat down here to see if any one
else had this ever happen. I turn it off and on about 3
times and suddenly it was back to normal operations.

Jim Jones


grin It was confused and thought it was a Samsung TV? grin

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The icon your seeing is displayed when the "screenshot" feature is turned on via the Settings - Display - Screenshot settings.

If I recall correctly once it's turned on, it stays on, until you turn it off but since this is the second time I've seen someone asking about this, maybe it's some bug in the firmware that is turning the screenshot function on and off without user intervention. Personally I have not seen this behaviour on my 3597.

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