Garmin Models With Power Mounts

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Below is a current list of known Garmin models that have Power Cradle Mounts. The models just showing a model number are all nuvi models. Models containing an "X" means the X can be any numeral.

The Powered Cradles are desired by many forum members for their ability to remove the GPS easily as well as not having stress from the device's power cable connecting to the USB port on the GPS.
The power cord on these models plugs into the power cradle and not the USB port on the GPS. Often times cable stress can break solder connection from the USB Port to the main circuit board
It’s far cheaper to replace the Power Cradle Mount than having the unit repaired or rendered useless.

Should you find an error on the list, or model not listed, kindly contact me through the contact tab under my user name and I will update the list.

Models With Power Cradle Mounts
Street Pilot C3XX
nuvi 295W
nuvi 3XX
nuvi 6XX
nuvi 7XX
nuvi 8XX
nuvi 23X0
nuvi 24X0
nuvi 27XX
nuvi 5000
Zumo 3XX
Zumo 395
Zumo 396
Zumo 450
Zumo 550
Zumo 595
Zumo 6XX
zumo XT
Dezl 560
Dezl 7XX
dēzl OTR800
dēzl OTR1000
Note: The RV770 does not have a powered mount
nuvi 16XX With NuLink
DriveLuxe 5x
Garmin Fleet 670V
Garmin Fleet 670
Garmin Fleet 660

Models With Power Cradle Mounts and a built-in speaker
nuvi 34XX
nuvi 35XX
nuvi 37XX

The credit goes to member class3 and others who began the list.
Link to the original post on 5/18/2012

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