issue with my Nuvi 2595


My Nuvi has recently started to "re-boot" when I plug in the car charging/traffic cord. This happens several times while driving.
It then goes into the 'computer' mode and then off again and back to GPS mode. Very frustrating when driving in unfamiliar areas.
It works fine when not plugged in.

Has anyone else had this issue? Do I need a new cord or a new unit?

have you

Have you tried doing a reset? You can always make certain the unit is off and not just asleep.

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Can you make it reboot?

If you wiggle the power cord connector as it goes into the nuvi, does it seem loose? Can a wiggle cause a reboot? This could be a bad cable or socket in the nuvi.

that's not it

wiggling the cord doesn't do anything. I had a unit with that problem.

what are the steps for resetting? I don't want to loose my total miles and top speed.

Master reset.

There is no way to perform a master reset without losing those values. If you decide to do a master reset, you will find the procedure in the FAQ section.

I suspect a master reset won't help in your situation. It sounds more like a bad USB connector, cord or power adapter to me. You could also be getting a voltage drop or sag in the vehicle power jack (cig. lighter). Are you by chance using this on a motor cycle?

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Look Here

Similar problems were discussed here. Explanations from Sharcnet probably explain why.

You can try this and it may

You can try this and it may work for your model

1) Disconnecting the nuvi from the charging cable.
2) Press and hold the battery meter icon for 8 seconds. This puts the nuvi into "system test" mode.
3) Plug in the power cable.
4) Click "Exit." The nuvi should now reboot, but remain in GPS mode!

A/C Charger?

What happens when you try to boot the unit with an A/C charger? If it boots correctly, the problem is likely a bad cable.