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Mapsource and Basecamp

I currently use Mapsource for trip planning and routing. I read some time ago that has been phased out by Garmin. I am assuming that Basecamp is the replacement. I got Mapsource with a GPS that I purchased back in 2003 and I like the program. Is Basecamp a better replacement? Would it be to my advantage to switch to Basecamp now?


LightSquared test interferes with 75% of tested GPS units


From the article:

According to a draft of the report obtained by Boomberg News, LightSquared's signals "caused harmful interference to majority [sic] of GPS receivers tested. No additional testing is required to confirm harmful interference exists."

Garmin MapSource And/Or Base Camp On A Portable USB Flash Drive

I know that jump drives are pretty reasonable priced now and I am just wondering if anybody here has installed Garmin MapSource and/or Garmin Base Camp on a portable USB flash drive? I was thinking that when I travel, it might be handy to be able to just install that on a hotel computer if I just want to look at a map quick.

Looking for some first-hand GPS / digital map stories

I spoke with a writer today who's working on a piece about GPS and digital maps. She'd like to speak with a few people who have interesting personal stories that she can use in her article.

If we're lucky, our community might get a little publicity as a result. smile

Contributors of the Week 2011-11-28

This week we are recognizing shrifty. In addition to being a helpful regular in the forums, he maintains a "shapely" collection of files that are particuarly popular with some of our guy visitors.

Thank you shrifty!

Jonathan (aka JM)

LightSquared Update -- FAA summary

Here's a presentation given by the FAA on November 17, 2011 on the LightSquared issue:


Some summary comments from the June 2011 NPEF assessment:

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Chit Chat Thread for the week of December 5th, 2011

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

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Can anyone answer this question? (why Garmin discontinued MP3 players?)

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know, or can anyone tell me why Garmin decided to discontinue incorporating MP3 players, in their GPS units?



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Not as hard as I thought (made a bmp)

I uploaded the custom POI for Michaels Arts and Crafts. There was no bmp image for. I said "Let me try to make my own". So I googled images and found one of the Michaels sign. Opened with infaview. Made it about 22x24. Then loaded it in to the North America file and named it same as the POI.

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POI Factory friends from Florida

I am sure we should have a lot of people from Florida here. What part of FL from if you don't mind I am asking?

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December Birthdays 2011

This thread is to wish everyone Birthdays in Dec, "Happy Birthday and Many More"

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Holiday Shopping Deals - December 2011

November's Black Friday and Cyber Monday are past, so it's time to start a new holiday shopping thread.

Any great deals you find interesting are fair game. It's okay to go beyond GPS.

Jonathan (aka JM)

Keeping the Windmill Alive - Your last trip? - December 2011

In danger of losing your windmill?

Maybe you can share with us the last place your GPS took you and if you encountered any problems, or if you use it to seek out special places to go. (Like Thai Food, ice cream shoppes, etc.) Anything to keep your windmill alive.

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Factory Joke Thread - December 2011

This is the official POI Factory Joke thread. It will be closed on the last day of the month and a new one will be opened.

Have fun....


Why Google Maps is headed indoors

By including indoor spaces to the Android version of its Maps service, Google is positioning itself to take advantage of two concurrent trends: the spread of mobile communications and the increasing privatization of public space. After all, it can be just as hard to find the restroom in a mall as it is to find an address in an unfamiliar city.

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Sand Sculpting Championship

My wife and I went down to Fort Myers FL to the Sand Sculpting Championship.While there we got to meet BobDee who showed us around.We really had a nice time and got to make a new friend.Here are some pictures of the event for those who may have some interest in sand sculpting https://picasaweb.google.com/101880206106227469160/FortMyers...

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Contributors of the Week 2011-11-21

This week we are recognizing Juggernaut. His friendly bouncing elephant avatar has been doing good all over the forums this last week.

Thank you Juggernaut!

Jonathan (aka JM)

Chit Chat Thread for the week of November 28th, 2011

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

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I wonder how our friend in making out with the big windstorms in the southern Alberta area. Wind up to 130kmh from what the news says. Yikes!


Hope you and yours are safe, bro!

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Discrepancy with KFC in USA file

There is a KFC about 2 minutes away and it says the distance is 5.3mi (general booth blvd-hubbel dr), but yet there is a KFC 10 minutes away and it say the distance is 2.5mi (first colonial rd-laurel ln). I think they should be reversed. Both in Virginia Beach, VA.

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