Traffic (light changed)


Hi everybody
Yesterday i was driving through the intersection and there was a red light camera
When I enterd the intersection the traffic was jaamed and then i changed the line to avoid obstruction
Will i be penalised ?


I would think that would

I would think that would depend where your car is in relation to the stop line. In my opinion that should be the determining factor. In my opinion it doesn't matter what color the traffic light is when you are in the intersection, what matters is what color the traffic light is when you cross the stop line.

If the traffic was that jammed up

then you shouldn't have entered the intersection. But, I would say it depends on where your vehicle was when the light turned.

Nuvi 2460LMT.

Depends on the person who

Depends on the person who reviews the images at the RedFlex shop before it gets sent out in the mail (if they are reviewed at all...I often wonder how funeral processions are treated).

Then, if you do get one in the mail, there is usually a procedure to explain the situation at a courthouse before you need to send any money in.

There very well could be a reasonable circumstance where there is no penalty.


About 3 weeks ago at 7am I was going down the road and the light turned yellow, then it seemed to go quickly to red. Maybe it was the standard time, I"m not sure.
Anyway, as I was slowing down dramatically, the speed/RLC went off, then it went off again as I came to a stop. My whole car was past the Stop Line.
To date, I have not gotten anything in the mail.

The configuration of the T-shaped intersection is that my whole car was behind the extension of the cross-street curb, but the Stop Line is very far back from the actual corner.

As I mentioned, no ticket has yet arrived after 3 weeks. If one does come someday, I do think I will go and fight it, if only to find out how that is done.