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Chit Chat Thread for the week of March 15, 2010

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

I cant wait to see the red light information

This is my 3rd forum that I have posted to get membership, is there anything else extra that you get when you become a member?

New use of GPS in social networking game


An example of adapted uses of new technologies - how else could GPS be used? Compare to other kinds of social networking games, eg flash mobs.

Spring break...

Just drove all night to San Diego, relax here today, and then get on the San Diego cruise to Mexico tomorrow!!

Love the GPS, Nuvi 205, took me to the hotel without any problems. smile

-- - red light cameras do not work

"America's Most Miserable Cities"

I was just reading this article in Forbes and it was a real eye opener about how some areas are really suffering far worse then the rest of the Country.

Ohio has 5 of the top 20 most Miserable Cities in the list with Cleveland picked as the most miserable.

"America's Most Miserable Cities
Kurt Badenhausen, 02.18.10, 12:01 AM EST

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Anyone having trouble with Firefox 3.6 and Preview

I always click Preview on my posts first before I click Submit. Just in the last day or two, when I click Preview, it just blanks the editor and starts over. Is anyone else seeing this? It only does with when I'm using Firefox. No problem with IE 8.

i am having a hard time instaling icons help

i am having a hard time instaling mi icons what file on the garmin do i need to find to install the icons i rename all my icons fles to bmp but still no working thank

the art off war is never a winning combination for any one 1490T

Anyone do long distance driving trips?

I'll start off by saying that I love to drive. Many of our vacations over the recent years have been long distance driving trips between 4000 and 8000 miles, normally lasting just over a week. Our trips have "must see" POIs, optional ones depending on time and of course ones we find when we talk to locals.

Garmin Nuvi mini USB jacks

I'd post this in the garmin but will ask here. I have a slightly older model, Garmin Nuvi 250W, the wide model. The USB mini jack is busted. Anyone know if they still sell the part? It used to be on ebay all the time but don't see any there. Me and a friend are going to attempt the replacement. Thanks.


Away From Here :(

I was away from POI Factory and Internet about 1 month due to a few difficulties. Well, I am back. Can't even remember where I put my GPS smile

It's a great place to be back.

Hello to ALL.

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Need some quick help

I can't find my reversgoe program, can someone real fast like give me an address for this coord. 40.7578,
-111.8818 I know it is in salt lake city utah.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

Road Trip

Wifey and I are headed out at the end of the month (from Houston) on a 7 day road trip with no set plans other than taking her to Carlsbad Caverns. Was wondering what there is to see in the mid to eastern half of NM.

Was somewhat planning on making a loop from Houston -> San Antonio ->Carlsbad NM -> Santa Fe NM ->Amarillo TX ->Abeline ->Houston.

Might entertain going across to Arizona.

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Should there be a law against shaving, um, down there, while driving?

Turns out Florida may have an issue here:


Who was giving away donuts on I-81 in Virginia on Sunday? There were at least 15 (Maybe more) troopers seen in just one hour. Stop the donut abuse.

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Newbie (don't see the POI files on my Garmin)

Hello All,

I am brand new to the POI Factory and I just tried downloading my first POI files. It seemed as if everything went successfully and I got the message saying successful download of 14 new location but I don't see any new files on my Garmin. Where did I go wrong?

Deep Loss

Tonight I lost the love of my life. My wife of 30 years passed away after complications from a brain operation. She had been suffering for several months now and is at peace. She was a very young 54 years old.

For those of you that have sent me updates to my files, please be patient with me as I will get back to this as soon as I am up to it. Please do keep sending any updates you may have.

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We are taking a grip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. When we arrive at Cape Hatteras Light house we will proceed south to Myrtle Beach SC. Will my GPS know I might want to take the two ferries enroute?

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Contributors of the Week 2010-03-01

This week we are recognizing MaRa & Sirkull.

MaRa, in the short time that you have been here you have made improvements to our Canadian collection of files. You also send me an icon for each file, which is very appreciated.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of March 8, 2010

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

Installing New Stuff

How do you go about installing voices or different cars onto your GPS. I havea garmin 285 with a usb cable and figured I could hook it up through the computer some how to install. Does anyone know how?