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This creeps me out

This creeps me out, I want to run out and buy a pair of sneakers right this second! NOT shock

How about everyone else?

Using Android Based GPS.The above post and my sig reflects my own opinions, expressed for the purpose of informing or inspiring, not commanding. Naturally, you are free to reject or embrace whatever you read.

Right On Red & Red Light Camera's

Ok has anyone had the problem the person in front of you not wanting to make a right on red because your at a red light cam intersection. I know if there is a sign stating no right on red your gonna get a ticket I got one! But has anyone gotten ticketed for right on red at a rlc intersection with no sign stating you can't make a right on red. Just curious!


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If your into remote control models. lets create a POI for flying Clubs and Strips

If your into remote control models and either have a RC or have a fantasy wish list show what you have.

Mine is a wish list SR71 Black bird with twin jet engines, and of course mine would have a modified camera bay.

Check out this flight, it's awesome!

Jets used:

Using Android Based GPS.The above post and my sig reflects my own opinions, expressed for the purpose of informing or inspiring, not commanding. Naturally, you are free to reject or embrace whatever you read.

Contributors of the Week 2010-03-29

This week we are recognizing A_user.

This week you helped update some of Perrdoms projects so that he would not feel overwhelmed when he returns. You are a great man and a loving friend. It is important for us to take care of one another in this community. Even if we don't meet face to face we are still a family.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of April 5th, 2010

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

G3 geomagnetic storm in progress

We've had the first big storm in a long time.. It's classed as a G3.

The reason we should care is that there is the possibility of GPS accuracy being greatly degraded during the solar event. If you've experienced an unusual loss of accuracy today, then this might be the reason.

Got aTicket for Registration Plate Cover

As I mentioned in the Topic, I got a ticket for $65 yesterday.

The car was PARKED.

I think it's ridiculous because it's not a smoke color, it's a clear see-through plastic.

It's one like this on my rear plate

Any ideas? Pay the $65 or fight back?


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Happy Easter

God bless us all through the Passion, Death and Resurrection of His Son!



Phoenix - Mesa - What traffic school do you recommend?

Johnny caught me speeding on Power road the other day (54 in a 45 zone) and now I get to do traffic school again....

Have you been to a traffic school in Mesa recently ? Any recommendation on which on to attend ?

I see there are many private companies and was just wondering if any are more fun the the others rolleyes


Here is the list for Maricopa County
EZ AZ Traffic School

Can Russia sell home-grown satellite navigation to a country reliant on American GPS?


With the Glonass satellite-navigation constellation nearly complete, Russia's plan to wean itself off the US Global Positioning System (GPS) appears to be coming to fruition.

But Moscow now says it wants the Russian system to work hand-in-hand with GPS rather than being a direct competitor.

New Mexico Advice

Hello folks, got a question...

We are planning a trip to New Mexico over Memorial Day weekend, and since this is our first time out there, we could use some advice from anyone that live there or has been out there before.

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Ordnance Survey offers free data access

Mapping agency Ordnance Survey has launched a new service offering free and unrestricted access to most of its map data.

found 500 lookout towers in ca with lat/ long need help

need ideas how to put them on the gps as well as the site

Speeders no longer getting 'cushion' of 5 mph

The recession may be claiming a new victim: the 5-10-mph "cushion" police and state troopers across the USA have routinely given motorists exceeding the speed limit.

-- - red light cameras do not work

Best POI Brands?

Is there any brand that seems to have better POIs installed upon purchase?

Forgiven, forgotten, set free!

Forum Navigation

So I've started to contribute to the conversations and noted that if I post a comment, I'm returned to the first post of the thread...

Why not to the end (and most recent post) of the thread so I can proof read my post and any subsequent or simultaneous posts?

Or is that an option in my account I haven't realized?

Thanx in advance

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Fantastic Deal

Fantastic deal on a dashboard mount for any GPS.

GGI International Universal GPS Heavy Duty Friction Car Dashboard Beanbag Mount

Retail Price: $49.99
Savings: (91 %) $45.00
Our Price: $4.99

From their Web Site: The Universal Car Dashboard Mount is a simple and effective way to mount your GPS or portable device (cell phone, MP3 player, PDA, etcetera) to your dashboard.

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Contributors of the Week 2010-03-22

This week we are recognizing SWLinPHX. I have enjoyed all of your posts this week and know that you are providing valuable information to other Mac users.

Thank you so much for being such a nice guy.

Miss POI