What Do Use Use For Additional Power In Your Vehicle(s)?


I am re-doing my vehicle with radio, GPS, mount, etc. One of the things that I am re-examining is what to do for additional 12 volt and USB power ports. Some of the brands that I have used in the past are Anker, Scosche, and Wagan. Right now I am looking for a device to plug into a 12 volt power outlet that still gives me a 12 volt power outlet and adds at least two, or more, USB ports for power.

However, I want to hear what you folks do? Does your vehicle have enough 12 volt power outlets? If not, what adapters have you found that work well for you?

I am considering the one below, but I am looking for other ideas before I buy. I like at least two USB ports. The more power the better. For example, this one has one 1.0A, one 2.1A USB port. I would prefer a pair of USB ports in which each has 2 or 3 amps.


I also will add that I have a dual Scosche now that isn't illuminated. Even though it doesn't have a 12 volt power outlet, I may buy one or more of these because I think having the illumination would help immensely.


let me ask

Just why do you think you need so many devices plugged in WHILE IN YOUR CAR? You are supposed to be paying attention to your driving and not the umpteen devices all making noise.

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Plenty of outlets

I have a new 2016 GMC Sierra. It came with 2 12v outlets (un-switched), 2 USB ports and a 115v AC outlet up front. The rear has 1 12v switched outlet. Plus, the truck came with wireless!

The 115v outlet came in handy yesterday. We bought a new Canon camera , but the battery was very low (normal). We had already checked out of the hotel, so we charged the battery on the way to the Grand Canyon.

Don't see a need for more outlets - but you never know!!!

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Extra power in car

Go to any truck stop. They make all kinds of adapters for truckers. They are cheaper than the one you pictured.
When I travel, I use one for my GPS and one for my phone.

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i have 4

I have 4 unswitched 12 V outlets, each on its own 15 A in-line fuse that are all hard wired to the battery posts.

Of course, my alternator pushes some 200 AMPs. So the question is why so many?

One is dedicated to my DC-> 120 AC converter. Its good for devices that draw up to about 600 watts and about 10-12 AMPS. I carry medical equipment in my car when I travel and use it pfriodically (say 6-10 tomes a month)

One is dedicated for my laptop.

One has a 4 port USB charger.

One splits into 2, one goes to the GPS, the other is there for the forward looking Dash Can I'm going to get.

I'm planning on getting a rear facing Dash cam to go into the rear window but it will be hard wired to the battery.

If and where I can, I prefer to hardwire to the battery. Solves lots of other issues I don't need to chase down.


If any of your aux power ports are going to be vertical where the recpitical is facing up, make sure you get aux plugs with snap-on covers. You'll never believe how many times I've had little metal things find their way into the recpticale and blow a fuse!

Not a biggie, just a pain in the tail. Now if there nothing in one aux recptical it's got a cover on it!

Good luck.

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I use this

I use this one with 3 12V outputs:
Adds 2 more 12V outputs and has 2 usb outputs. Nice features are the 12V outputs have switches, there is a voltmeter for when not using usb and an ammeter when using usb. Only downside was it would not do rapid charge for the cell phones.

Why this one? For most others the bad reviews on Amazon are something like "it caught fire". For this one the bad reviews are "it stopped working". Seemed not working was way better than a fire.

Why do I need so many ports? 1 12V for the radar detector, 1 12V for the Nuvi, 2 usb for cell phones each running a different navigation app, and 1 cell phone on standby charging. Two other people were each navigating and deducing which route to take. (Connecticut was a mess). Plus the memory stick with music was plugged in to the car's usb port.

This One Works For Me

I've broken more of these DC adapters over the years than I care to admit. I finally settled on the Lenmar:


They are expensive but rugged. The rubber boots keep unwanted items from getting inside. I've been using a pair of these for 5 years now with no problems.

I use a Scosche ReVolt dual in one outlet for USB use. The other seven are for a pair of GPSr's, a cell phone charger, a 2 way radio, a radio battery charger and a small cooler. The 8th outlet is a spare sometimes used for a passengers iPad or laptop.

I like my dual usb with cigarette lighter slot

Not the amps you're looking for though. sad
I would look for something UL listed as electrical fires can occur with shoddy parts, not to mention damage to the electronics you plug into the USB.

Ham radio...

Hams have pretty much standardized on the Anderson PowerPole connectors. Those provide good solid connections to the battery. From there you can commit/connect a multitude of sins.

I still use some of the cig plugin 5 volt chargers as they're so cheap. Some of the ones mentioned here work pretty well, and it's hard for me to build a 5.2 volt buck switcher for what the things sell for.

My son is more hard core -- he's gone to dual 12 volt batteries with a dual charging system in the jeep, with one battery dedicated to ham gear. Twin batteries means you can run one down pretty well and still have one to start the engine.

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Additional power

6 Hamsters in a roll cage.

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how many

I have 2 12 volt on the console 1 usb port on the console 1 12 volt in the rear , never had needed more then 1 12 volt and 1 usb port ! I use the GPS in the 12 volt and a stick in in the usb for music .