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What GPS coordinates collection law would you like see passed?

POI for GPS coordinates required for holes dug in Iowa: Did you know that if you dig/excavate a hole in Iowa in a location outside of a city that the global positioning system coordinate of that hole needs to be provided in an official notice if known.

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Red Light Cameras Washington State

Here is an article that was published in the Seattle Times today regarding the Red Light Cameras in the state of Washington.

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Hey guys, new here!

Hey guys, like the title says, i'm new!

I just bought my first GPS yesterday. It's an off brand from what i can find on google, but it seems to work pretty well.

I'm going out of town next weekend and while i was trying to find my hotel up in columbus, it didn't come up in the POIs. So i did a little searching and found this place grin

Maybe a warning next time?

Can we get a post or popup before the site goes down? Just a suggestion...

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New Feature: My Favorite Files

When you're logged in at POI Factory, you'll now see "My Favorite Files" near the top right column.

The page lists POI files that you've downloaded in the past and makes it easier to find files that have been updated.

A file marked with "new" has been updated since the last time you downloaded it.


Interesting routing instructions

I am planning my 1st trip with a GPS receiver. I will be traveling from Tucson to Los Angeles. The routing instructions from my Magellan 3225 direct me to take I-8 through San Diego and then up to LA. All online maps that I have checked (Google, Yahoo, Mapquest) direct me to go up to Phoenix and then W on I-10. The I-10 directions are about 20 miles shorter.

Bicycle GPS Unit

I have been researching GPS units for use on my bicycle and, being a Garmin Nuvi 650 owner, I looked at Garmin units first.

Scanning the reviews online I see lots of negative reviews on these fairly expensive units. Reviews like this:

In that 2 years it has been back to the mfg 7 times, each time something doesn't work again.

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Dell Mini 5

It looks fairly certain that Dell will have a Mini 5 slate computer sometime later this year. Would you consider getting a slate computer with a mobile mount and using Garmin Mobile PC or XT instead of a dedicated GPS? It does seem as if the lines of demarcation continue to get blurred between what is a cell phone, GPS, MP3, or computer.

Fragmented files after loading numaps

After loading the new maps I defragged the Gps 465t and found it loaded with a huge amount of fragmented files.Is there a way to correct this? I reloaded them once Seems to work ok so far though

Tom tom voices on garmin

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew how to somehow get the voices tom tom makes for their gps units onto a garmin. Any programs that can open tom tom voice file and split it up so I can maybe even create my own garmin voice with those sound files? Or even a converter of any kind? Thanks

Street Pilot 2620

I just found a Garmin Street Pilot 2620 reel cheap. It look’s band new but the screen keeps freezing. I have done a hard reset and went though all the diagnostic screens. It showed it was the CF card. How hard is to change the CF card ,is that the same as a SD card?

Paid for a month

Hiya -
I live so close to Red Light cameras in my town that I couldn't afford to wait the three weeks. So I paid for a one month sub. But I haven't gotten any email confirmation yet, nor did the Paypal page change or give instructions after I clicked "Pay" ...
I'll check for emails in an hour or so. Usually these things fly right into the in box though?
Help please, webmaster?

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Garmin nu map lifetime updates are out

Come and get 'em!

Nokia hits TomTom, Garmin with free satnav

Sorry if this was already posted. I did a search and didn't see anything.

Nokia launched free satellite navigation on its cellphones on Thursday to boost handset sales and prices, a fresh blow for satnav makers whose $25 billion market has already been hit by Google.

New User Information for dummies

I am a new user and you guys and girls are talking way over my head. I have a Nuvi 350 which as far as I am concerned is not good for much except getting me home but it is probably because I have not updated the data and I had no idea I could put any of my information into it.

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WoO dirt tracks

i was just wandering if anyone had thought about a poi directory for World of Outlaw race tracks . i just thought it would be a nice addition to the poi"s.since this are tracks located out of the main stream of things

Thank you

POIFactory Registration is Free.

Even RedLight Camera & Speed Cameras File could be FREE if you contribute here from time by time.

I found a site asking me to pay for registration fee. I disagree to pay for it.(Just to post in the forum to get answer?)

Why?.... When you share knowledge, you won't lose anything from you.

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Here is where you can mount your car GPS in California

Looks like you can set your GPS within either corner of the dash board. So here's my question, if the GPS is not "upon" the windshield, can you place it anywhere on the dash without violating the below law? In other words, if your dash mounted GPS is one inch away from the windshield in the middle of the dash board, are you good to go for door-to-door navigation?

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Hello, Hello? Is anybody listening?

And we wonder why people are always looking at their cell phones/BlackBerries/Smartphones while driving.

State laws make texting while driving illegal, yet state agencies still sends traffic alert texts

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