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posting poi's to current store

Got a tomtom for Christmas. I love it already! I created a Petsmart poi for washington state and was wondering how to get it into the petsmart store page? I got as far as creating content and choosing store category, but how does it get to the petsmart store from there?

Thank you very much,

The First GPS

Christmas Day's cartoon in a local newspaper....

The First GPS

Showing a picture of the Star of Bethlehem over a manger, 3 wise men using the 'GPS' for guidance.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all!


No more GPS on flights?

Due to the recent incidents in Detroit, security officials are requiring airlines to enforce stricter security measures during the last hour of flights. One of those new restrictions is to disable the GPS or map progress displays that some airlines have. If they make the airlines turn off the display, they for sure won't allow personal GPS use, either.

New rules for the last hour of a flight:

POI Rest Areas

I am new to this forum and have a question about the Rest Area POI file.

when you download the file, does it include the icons and sounds, or do you download those seperately?

This file will really come in handy when we are traveling with our fifteh wheel RV.

Suggestion for site

Hello, I was going through the "Alphabetized List of POI Files" and I was thinking how much easier it would be if you had the list separated with a small space with the corresponding letter for each "section" ; to better show the separation of the "A's" from the "B's".

Life of a GPS Unit

Hey guys recently there is an general curiosity in my mind . What can be an expected life of a GPS device. I mean all functions in the same way whether you buy it for $100 or $ 300 bucks.
How long it should stay in function. Generally we buy computers for much heigher price and replace it within 3-4 years or maximum 5 years. then what should be life expectancy for a GPS?

New Red Light Camera Updates

Are the latest add ons to the red light camera excel sheet added to the end of the last when a new list comes out each Wednesday? If yes, I can see changes to my areas of concern and not need to update each week, when say NY has a new one and it is in Long Island for example. Thanks for any help.

Alan-Garmin c340


How far away do you set alerts?

How to activate Life time traffic on Garmin 255WT !!!

Hey friends,
I was concern for Lifetime traffic activation on my new 255WT bought from BEST BUY.

My First Post!

Hi There Just wanted to drop in to say hellogreetings! and also to introduce myself here! The Boards look very interesting and i cant wait to become a member of the community!

which one is better Garmin 255W or 255WT

hi guys . can any one help me. i am confused between Garmin 255W or 255WT. Can you guide me which one is better?

Contributors of the Week 2009-12-14

This week we are recognizing Dgwood12 and JD4X4.

Dgwood12, I did a little happy dance when I saw your project appear as an idea in the forums.

"Bigfoot sightings" I love things like this, it is unique and interesting and would never be found in a GPS straight out of the box.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of December 21, 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI deal of the day 785T $219.99 free shipping.

I see where the Nuvi 785T is available as a deal of the day, for $219.99 + tax, free 2 day shipping at

Best bang for your buck?

Well got suckered into the TOM TOM trade in. I traded in my Garmin for the TT 340xl and it kicked the bucket already. Granted they will replace it, but it left a bad taste in my mounth. So, what is the best bang for your buck now days. I am looking at spending about $200-225.

The Mid-Atlanic blizzard of '09

Goooooood Morning POI Factory!

Getting ready to do a cardiac stress test with the newly-fallen snow outside and thought I'd start the inevitable conversation on the big December East Coast snowfall. (Before we loose power, or I do from the stress test).

It's about the Line- If a line can be drawn between the powers granted and the rights retained, it would seem to be the same thing, whether the latter be secured by declaring that they shall not be abridged, or that the former shall not be extended.

New version of a new song

"God is Great, Beer is Good and People Drive Crazy" :>)

Google Earth for Audi Vehicles

Google and Audio are bringing google earth to vehicle GPS units. From the pictures, this looks really impressive. I've been wondering when more detailed maps would be available for GPS units. Hopefully something like this will be available for hand held units soon.

Red Light Cameras

Newark, NJ are getting a bunch and so will other locations

Lovers of The Olympic Winter Games

Hello to all lovers of the Olympic Winter Games, here is a bit of warmth in this cold winter`s day! You can follow live the Torch Relay across Canada!
I am putting the link here, but if this is not allowed you can take it down!

The link is:

You can see where the torch is on the map besides the screen!


Gps! ask where to go and get there! Best of all, what we need is to have accurate pois to reach all destinations