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map transfer

can you transfer file from one gps to another both are nuvi what are the complication

the art off war is never a winning combination for any one 1490T


can some one please send me the image disk file they are two one is maps and the other one controls your elevation the file is about 50k some how i lost the file there are only two disk image in the disk i need the one that has the lower nomber thanks

the art off war is never a winning combination for any one 1490T

removing old maps

any no what old map files you need to remove from your gps to make room for the new ones what is the files name thanks

the art off war is never a winning combination for any one 1490T

Cars that steer in direction driver is looking

shock Wow. Just Wow.

"Tired of spinning that steering wheel? Try this: German researchers have developed a new technology that lets drivers steer cars using only their eyes.

Raul Rojas, an artificial intelligence researcher at Berlin's Free University, said Friday that the technology tracks a driver's eye movement and, in turn, steers the car in whatever direction they're looking."

Contact Form

Someone tried to contact me about updating my POI but I don't know how to contact them. Can anyone help


replacing a picture

how do you replace a pics.i used the edit tap,and deleted the old one.then tried to upload the new one and the old one keeps coming back up.

Iceland Volcano Pictures

Here is a link to great pictures of the Iceland Volcano, that recently cause massive air travel problems.


NUVI 680, NUVI 5000, MS S&T,

Cel Towers

Anyone ever seen a POI file with the location of cel towers? Seems to me that when I'm on my boat cruising Lake of the Woods, one shoreline looks like the next. However, tall structures stand out quite necely, like for instance the cel tower at Morson Ontario. You can see it for miles (even at night since it is lit), and it makes it VERY easy to find the way home.

My biggest fear is that when I die, my wife will sell my fishing stuff for what I said I paid for it.

Another Suggestion

I've done a lot of reading and there are a load of interests and resulting POI files here.

Now... on one of my journeys recently, I wandered past an RC Airfield and I have no idea if it's in the POI file we have for them.

The Wizard of Ahhhhhhhs - Earned my Windmill 4/12/2010

Where's my flying car?

The future is here!

DARPA announces plans for self-piloted flying car

Suggestion for site (current map version)

I have a suggestion for the site:
Like we have "My Favorite Files" --- I'd like to make a suggestion for the Site....

Add a new Bullet point: "Current Map Release" with the current Lifetime map release version number and Date of release displayed.... This way, we can instantly determine what the latest Lifetime Map release is, and what date it was released....

So it could look like this:

2689LMT That I'm still learning... and a Nuvi 660 with Lifetime Maps And a 2011 Ford Escape with Nav System that is totally ignored!

Hey folks, new here

Just wanted to say hello, just got my Garmin Nuvi 1490 today and checking things out.

new poi idea

looking to see if there is an interest in a group project on a new idea for poi.its for all 50 states info is hard to get and would require phone work and googel earth.i have all the info for calif underway.asuming ok with miss poi

POI User Experience

Just completed a 1600 mile trip. Thank you for the custom POIs. Found the "Rest Areas - combined" to be particularly useful. Still can't figure out what the "WB" stands for.

Other POIs referenced were Costco, Sam's Club, and Speed Traps in Texas.

Found the U-Haul POIs to be lacking in the areas traveled - Texas to Utah.

Distracted Driving Legislation in Alberta

The provincial government in Alberta is proposing a broad "distracted driving" law.


Contributors of the Week 2010-04-12

This week we are recognizing Juggernaut for all of his help in the forum areas.

This week you seemed to be in overdrive;) You were on of my top 5 posters this week. Great Job!!! It is a pleasure to have you as one of our great leaders in the community.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of April 19th, 2010

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

Meat Markets

I have been looking for old fashion meat markets here in the US. There seen to be no Poi around, can anyone help.


GPS Software For Pharos GPS Phone 600

I had been using Garmin Mobile XT on my Pharos GPS Phone 600, but it looks like it has been discontinued. I was thinking bout On Course Navigator (OCN 8), but it looks like that is also no longer available. Does anybody know what other choices I have for a Windows Mobile Phone with built in GPS?

What is active status?

Sorry for the newbie question, but what exactly is active status and what is "qualifying activity" that leads to active status?


Nuvi 755T and 1490T; Fort Worth, TX