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Garmin 255 WT

question I received this Garmin version as Christmas gift and after exploring this site I realize that this version is specific to Best Buy and featured on Black Friday 2009..more than one year ago. I also received (believe it or not) a TomTom

Restrooms in NYC

I recently visited NYC (Manhattan) and was unaware of their lack of public restrooms and public accessible restrooms. Such thoughts never entered my mind beforehand. Anyone living in the NYC area (or elsewhere) with a desire to help give relief to weary travelers by creating a POI file list of restroom locations available, both public and business owned, would be a real hero in my mind.

Kudos to all at POI Factory - a great site!

Newbie to this forum

I just bought a new Garmin 1450 and a stumbled across this site and found out I can install or build my own PIO files.

Happy New year!

I just found POI Factory, having just seen it mentioned in a post in the GPS Review Forums.

We own a nüvi® 265WT and nüvi® 260W & have never used a custom POI. I just updated the firmware & maps in our 265WT & now I'll try a custom POI or two smile


2010 Contributors of the Year goes too.....

Turboccc and Charlesd45!!!

Turboccc, this is your second year receiving this award, it is well deserved and we are so happy to be presenting you with this new icon for your mantel.

You keep coming up with new and exciting software to help make our lives much easier and more entertaining. You are truly a blessing to this community.

Happy New Year!!!

May everyone have a Happy and Prosperous 2011.

First question of the year?

Happy new year to all of you !

I'm a newbie here and have a stupid question:
I convert GPX files into POI but I'd like to be able to have the elevations with the coordinates !
Do you think it's possible ?

What I wan to do is create a 3D cad file from the GPX data, then I do need the elevations

Kind regards


Happy New Year!

Be Happy; be Healthy,and be Sober so we can all do this again next year. Happy New Year!

"It's not where you start, but where you end up." Where am I and what am I doing in this hand basket?

Hello and Happy New Year

Hello, Im kind of a newbie as this is my first time posting but Ive actually been using the site for POI's for quite some time and Im hoping Im getting to the point that I can maybe contribute to some of the projects.

Im running a Garmin Oregon 550 & Colorado 400t for field use in Geocaching and Waymarking. Ive also got a Tom Tom 130 for in the car.

What's your best accuracy?

Just for the heck of it, I set my 205W to show me the satellite view while driving to customer's today. With a good lock on 10 to 11 sats I was seeing between 11 & 20 feet. What's your best?

Next Generation GPS gadgets

They should have checked here before writing this column. We could have contributed to it.... smile


Always on the Road Knowing where I've Been

Forum post sort order-newest first?

All of the forum posts are from oldest to newest. Some of the older threads are a couple of years old and you have to, at the very least, scroll to the bottom and take the highest page number (each time) to get to the new posts.

Rich Nuvi 255W, 2597LMT

map update for 3790t

i just downloaded 2011.3 to my computer and it shows up in mapsource.......question now how do i get it to update my unit .......or was i suppose to download it to both devices at the same time......i never did any update like this before.......hope i can trasfer it to my unit,,,,, it took over 4 hours to get it on my computer.............tks in avance

Contributors of the Week 2010-12-20

This week we are recognizing our 52nd contributor of the week and the last one for this year.

Box Car is this week's rock star!!! You are such a big help to this community, you have a hand in everything and are always so nice and friendly.

Your avatar suits you well, you are quite the busy helper around here.

Miss POI

Chit Chat Thread for the week of December 27th 2010

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

help with poi files and icons

i just got the 3790t..... and its great ...need help i can load poi's in the sd card and read them but the icons do not show up ..... i renamed the icons to match the poi's and still nothing could someone help please...... i loaded over 300 poi files on this unit 200000+.......... thanks to thoese whove helped

Suggestion for New Forum

Miss POI - I would like to suggest a new forum called "Smartphone Talk". We currently have dedicated forums for Garmin & TomTom, but I would think that in a very short time the number of members with smartphones will eclipse those with dedicated gps devices. So it would make sense to have a dedicated forum for us to discuss smartphone issues without being "attacked" by Garmin/TomTom fanboys.

Blizzard (2010)

Its another Winter and again we are ready to get hammered by a Blizzard. Here in New York we are expected to get around 12 - 16 inches +.
Hows the weather in your area?

Red light and Speed camera

I JUST INSTALLED Red Light and Speed Cameras onto my nuvi 465t but all the other poi files i had disapeared. any one know any thing about this tell me why

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone. May you have a happy, safe, and blessed day!