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How many? (GPS receivers in your car)

On a regular basis, how many GPS receivers do you have running at the same time in your car?

I decided not to let my 200W go to waste as a backup, so I set it up to the right of my 1300LM and at the same time proved myself to be a true technogeek. :D

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Hello Again

Hey everyone, after a LONG break I'm back... yeah I know nobody missed me, believe me I hear the same thing from my family so that's nothing unusual.

Brian Garmin nuvi 255W

Dutch Police Purchase TomTom Data

Looks like the Dutch police are going to use TomTom gps data to figure out the best places to set up speed traps!


Going TDY to Ft. Lewis Washington Area

I will be staying in the Lakeland area and working in the area from from Federal Way to Olympia, mostly around Ft. Lewis for about three weeks. Is there anything that I should be particularly concerned about? I have updated my map, loaded the latest version of the red light and speed cameras. What am I missing?

Can technology fix the FAA's air traffic troubles?



GPS-based tracking displays certainly would have had a role to play in preventing the April 11 collision on the tarmac at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, said Bill Voss, former FAA air traffic development director and current president of the Flight Safety Foundation.

Why your trusty GPS sometimes fails you



GPS navigation systems aren't perfect. Most of them are pretty good, but blind acceptance of their advice can become a traveler's nightmare.

Contributors of the week 2011-04-18

This week we are recognizing Kch50428.

Keith is one of our original members and has been with us for 4 years and 17 weeks.

It is so nice to have him active in the forums again as a regular.

I always miss my original crew and am so happy when they return home to help more people out.

I love ya man!!!!

Miss POI

Chit Chat Thread for the week of April 25th, 2011

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

Moving van +pulling car behind - never done this before - going from florida to tenn

Hi there, found this site and thought I would take a chance on some good feedback. Am moving from Tampa, Florida to Just outside of Nashville Tenn with my kids. I have never driven a big truck before and in this case am moving with a 16 footer and my car pulled behind. Needless to say am very concerned. Not so much about highways but am very concerned about stops.

rath told me to come say hi

Hello, new member here. Lookin forward to learning new trips and tricks for my garmin.

Just a FYI (trucker without smartphone)

As an OTR trucker that doesn't have a smart phone...yet, I don't always have internet access.

Rath *sorry for not posting more sad *

Garmin 1390T X1 & 50LM

New, more precise GPS satellite.



I have searched for these poi's and saw it mentioned> Has anyone found these locations?

Google Map Maker

Check this out:

We can now contribute to make changes to Google maps in the US. I'm not sure how Google is going to review/verify the changes. There could be millions of changes in a day. The plus side is they're using map users time and effort for free smile

Garmin behaving badly

In Danville Illinois, the prison is across a small field from our motel. That field had many motion detectors on poles. In our room I booted up my 295w. When it started looking for satellites it would start booting again. It did this over & over that night and in the morning also. As we departed it locked in the satellites just fine. That had never happened before or since.

1490LMT 1450LMT 295w

The Garmin 465T side by side with the Rand McNally TND 510 for OTR Driver The Winner is

Last Oct I got the Garmin 465T for 450.00 + 25.00 shiping from Garmin. As a OTR Driver I need a good GPS for my job. I have been with Garmin sence the Street Pilot they have a good rep an a good CS. saying that the 465T is a pice of junk. It takes me. off route on to roads I should not be on. it will not let me go on roads I should on. It will takes me 15-20 miles out of the way per run.

Southern CA Temp 76 and Sunny. Running around with my Nuvi 465T. Getting lost around the country and loving it.

Contributors of the Week 2011-04-11

This week we are recognizing Shrifty!!!

Yes as promised, I am tossing this outstanding contributor out to pasture with the rest of you!!!

I really appreciate all that you have been doing to help update some of our old projects that have just been lying around the factory floor;)

Great Job!!!

Miss POI

NSA Tips - Keeping Your Home Network Secure

See link to 8 page PDF file.


"Campgrounds" aren't always campgrounds.

Having recently downloaded the POI file "Oregon Campgrounds (434)" I find the majority of the listed sites are RV parks—not campgrounds. There is a difference. Try boondocking in a RV park.These categories should be separated into two files.

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