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Updating versus purchasing new unit

i recently purchased anew nuvi255w. i registered it and upgraded my map. it was a one time free item which also had a shelf life of 53 days. seeing the price of map updating, i think i would rather purchase a new unit rather than pay for this service which is only valid for the unit in question. there is no provision for owing multiple units.

Garmin, Tom Tom for $50?

Interesting piece from Daily Finance about how far the price could drop on GPSr and why.

Cities discover mapping devices lagging behind rapid growth

Interesting article about the frustrations business owners are having over GPS units.

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HELP!!!! MP3 ALERTS DON"T WORK correctly...

Downloaded a couple mp3 files from the poi factory to
my Garmin 755t; used a bulk renamer to associate the csv & mp3 files... so no typos. Using the "police siren" mp3 for local poi's only.. ie 'local_siren.csv' & 'local_siren.mp3'
and all other poi's are in the 'other_poi.csv' with no corresponding mp3.

CNET Top 5: Tech Turkeys

CNET has its Top 5: Tech Turkeys posted and two of them are the Garmin Nuvifone and Motorola TN30 GPS.

GPS and Privacy Rights

Interesting editorial in the NY Times about Court rulings on GPS tracking by the police.

Driving really is the most dangerous activity

We all hear about how dangerous driving is, and all the statistics about people being killed or injured while driving.

Well, last week a good friend of mine became one of the statistics.

He was driving on the freeway, got hit by another car, rolled over, got hit again, and died. He was not wearing his seatbelt.

-- - red light cameras do not work

Contributors of the Week 2009-11-16

This week we are recognizing Alandb and Tomkovacic.

Alandb, You were one of my top posters in the forums this week. Your posts were informative and helpful to others. I really appreciate having you in our community. Thanks for all that you do.

Tomkovacic, You helped update the Casinos USA file this week. I really appreciate the time you invested to assist Auggie with this project.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of November 23rd, 2009

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

Are the 4 Pets Welcome Lodging Combined Files (SW, SE, NE & NW) Updated?

Are the 4 Pets Welcome Lodging combined files (SW, SE, NE & NW) updated whenever one of the individual states' files are updated/corrected? By looking at the dates of the combined files it doesn't appear they are being kept updated whenever a change is made to individual states...

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Hard copy manuals

A heads up for anyone that didn't already know. I wanted a hard copy of my manual so I took the PDF file to Staples and had them print in in black and white, color is way too high, and had them do a spiral binding. They put a clear plastic cover on the front and a black cover sheet on the back.

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Canadian Tire Gas Bars Western Provinces

I have put together a POI in the Fuel and Truck stop section for Canadian Tire gas bars in Manitoba,Saskatchewan and Albeta. If any one finds any ones that I have missed or have the wrong coordinates please let me know and I will update the POI. This is a work in progress and thanks for any help that you give me.

GMC Terrain and GPS

Good evening everyone. I'm looking at purchasing a new 2010 GMC Terrain. They make this vehicle with a built in hard drive GPS (not a DVD unit, but actual hard drive with the GPS files on it).


I hope I am asking this in the appropriate place.
How do I download an icon to attach to a folder so when I download POI's the icon will appear?
This is a good forum and has helped me a great deal in understanding and using my new Garmin.

Thank you,

Interesting article on public contribution to map data

Chuck - Nuvi 200, Nuvi 255W

Export TomTom favorites to .csv

Is there anyway to expoet TOMTOM favorites to .csv (or vice versa) ?


Marinas enroute from top of Kentucky Lake to the South end?

Our vessel is at Green Turtle Bay. We are back in Canada.I'm trying to get some idea as to marinas along the way.We do about 8 miles,speed over ground,,therefore could do 80 miles a day if 10 hr. days are possible?

IS anyone able to direct me to such a list with mileage or distance between each Marina.

Micro memory card with SD holder

I am buying an SD card for my 750. If I buy a micro card and pop it into an SD card holder, do they work OK, or is there a down side to doing it that way?

Garmin Nuvi 750 & c530 with RT's vol. mod., Vulcan Nomad

Suggestion for New GPS

I am considering a stand alone GPS and am looking for suggestions. It would be good to get something under $250. Thank you in advance for your information.

Eggo Waffle Shortage: Bacteria First Forced Plant Closure

Inspectors Found Listeria at Atlanta Eggo Plant

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