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Direct competition... Will the evolution of smartphones see off sat-navs?


Smartphones with GPS and talking map applications are increasingly competing with sat-nav devices, experts say.

If money was no object, which Gps would you own and why?

I am really curious? I have three gps garmins and saw my buddys new Tom Tom the other day it was very smooth and the audio directions were more extensive. I like the 855 nuvi with the voice controls but I also the 765t. What would you pick?

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poi icons

im new to my novi 255, just downloaded shell gas poi, i think i did it right? i did get the successfil screen - went through the poi loader, the locations are in my extras but on the map it only shows a ( dot ) not the shell icon ??? please help

Suggestions for FAQ on Garmin - Loading POI files with POI Loader"

Something like this would have cleared up several questions for me.

Add wording to Step 2:

Closing in on 200,000

Dont know if anyone has seen or paying attention but i was surfing around the factory and seen that the 200,000 member mark is rapidly approaching, Any takers when the 200,000 member will make his/her appearance onto the site. My self, i am looking maybe around 1/4/10.

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Hey folks,
Just a little note to thank you all for your files and assistance in my short six days on this site.
As a career Asst. Fire Chief, I would like to ask that while you all are out "ringing in the New Year" if you drink, PLEASE LET SOMEONE ELSE (who has not drank) DRIVE!!! so that you will be able to see next year safely.

New 2010 IL laws regarding cell phone use while driving

A new year usually brings new laws with it and that is the case in IL. If you drive in IL, you should be aware of 2 new laws that become effective Jan 1, 2010 prohibiting texting while driving and cell phone use in certain situations while driving.

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MS Streets & Trips (MS is Microsoft)

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 will now export GPX files. I tried a route without push pins and one off-route push pin, and it exported them all. Hooray!! Versions 2002-2006 you could use GPSBabelGUI to convert the data (pushpins and routes) to other file types, like POIs and ITNs, but all versions from 2007-2009 you couldn't.

Escort 9500ix Radar

I just bought the Escort 9500ix It has the safety camera data base. It also has the Mark Location.
So far I love this unit. I am still learning the ins and outs. I seen a few older post about this unit but thought Id bring it back up.

Anyone have any tips or comments on this 9500?

Newbie here

Just found this website. Got a TomTom Go 730 for Christmas a real step up from my Lowrance Ifinder. I'm still learning the ins and outs of the new GPS and found out about this place. I'm keeping the iFinder for geocaching and the Tom Tom will be my vehicle GPS.

I did use the ifinder for a 1400 mile trip around Lake Michigan last summer but the lack of routing is tough.

speed camera alerts

I downloaded the Walmart file. I started to get Speed camera 1mph alarms . I was told that if I took out the (1) at the end of the file this would stop it.
Didn't work. I replaced the file with the latest version without the (1) I still keep getting the alarm every time I pass a Walmart. How do I stop it without deleting the whole file?

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things!

garmin 2010 map upgrade

I now have the 2010 garmin map upgrade, I did not lose the upcoming streets on the top of the map, I do not get them when I use the favorites, I only get the next turn shown. I do not remember if it was the same on the 2009. I did get a lot more information on the maps, it now shows the name of the toll roads and adjacent freeway numbers more clear. everything else seems the same.

Training Others On GPS

I work with someone who got a Garmin Nuvi 255W for Christmas. Today was his first day using it. I gave him some brief instructions to get him started, but I didn't want to overwhelm him. We went through the whole shortest vs. fastest route selection. I had him simply enter an address, his home, and navigate to it. I showed him how to save a favorite.

Seeking instructions on POI files

In reading posts, I see many instances implying that there needs to be some special procedure used when you want to "ADD" a new POI file to your device (in my case a Garmin 765T). The implications from the post is that all the old POI files ore deleted - surely that is not right.

In any event, could someone give me instructions for adding POIs to my "custom POIs" after the initial downloads?

GPS v Common Sense

Another case of somebody letting their external brain do all the thinking for them. Wonder if there is a lawyer just shady enough to file a lawsuit.

Happy New Year

Just want to wish everyone on the POI Factory website a Happy New Year for 2010! Drive safely and be responsible, but have fun. I want all of you back here in the new year!

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Good Morning America

This Morning. Interview with an elderly couple that got lost for three days because the GPS sent them up an unplowed road. Returning from Portland to Reno they got lost & got stuck. The cell was "No Service". Finally the GPS enabled phone picked up a signal and a deputy found them.
Garmin says GPS is "do not cause drivers to make driving decisions." WOW. I found a link.

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GPS strands couple in forest

And then a cell phone with GPS is responsible for their rescue.

It's all the GPS's fault, of course. wink

Shortest route is not always the best

Using the shortest route was almost a fatal decision for a couple in Oregon.

Zero degrees latitude

Here's a pic we recently took (12/10/09) in Ecuador. I'm posting it here as a new topic since it was obscured in the old thread I posted it in last week.

Garmin 765T, c340...Is it about the destination, or is it about the journey?