Nato Smart Mounts


Adhesive attachment to dash

I do worry about any mount that relies on an adhesive method of attaching to a dashboard. Summer heat seems to be a killer to many of these.

Rippled Surface...

I would think there would be less holding power on the front or top of a dash having a "rippled surface", than one that's nice and smooth... thus not being able to hold as well.


I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!

Similar Product

I haven't used the NATO mount but I have several of the RAM equivalent.

I use it with either a bean bag or vent type mount for vehicle attachment. I put a piece of tin can in the back of my cell phone case and it sticks fast to the magnet.

If you want to go the adhesive route, try these:

The adhesive style never lasts long though and marks up the dash.

I got a Scosche magnetic mount

I got a Scosche suction cup magnetic mount for Christmas. So far seems to work really well. Instructions claim you can put the metal plate inside the case. Not even remotely close to working so plan on putting the plate on the back side of the case or the phone.

I looked at options for an adhesive mounted base for my other car. Generally good reviews but some users are reporting a couple of problems.
• Adhesive doesn’t stick. That might be lack of an appropriately flat and clean surface.
• Adhesive can’t take the summer heat and falls off. Might be brand related.
• Adjustable ball joint breaks.

If I could make it work I would go with one of this style:
No moving parts to break and less leverage on the adhesive. It does require a clear area on the dash that faces the proper direction. I don’t think that is available in most cars.

I too would be afraid it would come unstuck

We had our GPS (from 2007) stuck to the console. No pressure from falling off the dash. It lasted about two or three years in the Texas heat before my Nuvi fell over. It only fell over and not to the floor because of being on the console and not the dash. I would be afraid to use a sticky pad like it shows on the dash. It will come off someday......

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