converting csv files on mac for Garmin


Hi, I have for years used the red light camera files on this site.I have converted the csv files with poi loader then to my sd card and inserted sd into my Kenwood media player and the files from sd card would be transferred to my Garmin(Kenwood) unit.
Now when converting on my mac and onto sd card and then to my Kenwood media player says sd card has no files??
on my mac it shows files.SD card has been formatted.
has a Garmin folder ld.txt page inside garmin folder is a poi folder inside that is a redlight cameras gpi page.
What can i do to get the poi's to mount to my Kenwood(Garmin)
media center as i am unable to get it to read files on sd card.
Thanks in advance for your help.


I assume you mean .gpi, not pgi? If so, it sounds like you are doing things correctly, so't I am not sure why it won't work.

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corrected error

folder arrangement

Is the arrangement of folders the same as it was when it previously worked?

A Kenwood link -

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SD card format

Make sure the SD card is formatted as FAT32 or exFAT. The Kenwood more than likely cannot read the MAC's native media format type (HFS+).

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poi files

the files now are definitely different now

mac user

I have only used a Macbook to use these poi's in the past 8 years with no issues until recently.

all good with you

I have still not been able to get poi's to convert for installing on my Kenwood(garmin). No one seems to be stating that they are having problems converting the poi csv files with poi loader for their Kenwoods as no one has said anything about this.
If you have no problems doing this could you Please leave a procedure to do this for me.
Thanks again

Do you have a PC at your disposal?

If the PC cannot read it, it is probably formatted for MAC. If the PC can read it, perhaps you can look at the file and see why it is different.

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mac only

I do not have a windows computer. I do not have the old files i converted in the past to compare with the current variations. Which says i am SOL converting my poi's from here.

file system repair

another thing about a mac "out of the box",
hfs file systems are unreadable to every other device
but apple know this and there is a fix (hidden on page 999999)

    copy everything off the sd drive

  1. Open disk Utility on the Mac.
  2. Select the sd drive to format.
  3. Select the “Erase” tab in Disk Utility.
  4. Select MS-DOS (FAT) from the drop down box.
  5. Click Erase and follow the prompts.
  6. Let it finish, and you're done.
  7. copy everything back to the sd drive

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just remember to select

remember to select msdos if clearing a sd for the garmin, or to exchange data with a pc

Mac instruction books, need a "talking to non-macs" heading,
the fixes are always real simple,
but aren't easy to find

I wish the "talking to macs" manual was as easy to find as the talking to non-macs, at least apple HAVE a talking to [edit] page [/edit]

I use my pc to store data for the kids I-everythings, blah,
I can use the I anything to make a thumbdrive or sd card that will talk to both, but at the moment I cant use the pc to do the same

[edit]windows subsystem for Linux directly supports hfs,
HFS fits a heap more on the disk, no wonder apple chose it[/edit]

the title of my autiobiography "Mistakes have been made"

That did it

Thanks almostbob that worked.

glad it helped

glad it helped

the title of my autiobiography "Mistakes have been made"