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Maximum Number of Satellites?

I'm just looking at the number of satellites my 1490T is using (11) and on the graph it appears that it has the potential to receive and use one more.

I'm just wondering what is the maximum number of satellites in the constellation that could be above the horizon at one time for any given place?

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General Motors onboard navigation system

We just purchased a 2011 Buick LaCrosse and love the car. While we've been looking for this vehicle for a while, we were surprised to see that no dealer ever had one that did not include the navigation system. So the one we purchased has that system as well.

new cameras new york nassua

new york massapequa cross street unqua rd and sunrise hwy facing east and west.


Prepaid (GSM) Broadband in Canada

I'm planning for a trip to Vancouver BC at the end of this year. I may bring a 3G iPad with me if the 3G connection (or data connection) works in Canada.

Offline Poi-Collector?


i search a Device, Tools, App which i can create POI's with Adresse and Notice, then i want to export this pois as a readable file on my pc to create my own offline map.
Can anyone help me?

greatings ares


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adding proimity alerts on nuvi 3790t

sorry if this has already been asked. i searched and could not locate the answer. i am trying to install proximaty sounds for a few poi's and keep geting a message that the sound files will not be loaded. i have renamed sound file, icon file and poi file to all the same name and I am loading them form the same file. can someone help?

Germans won't take directions from a female GPS

I was listening to a NPR Science Friday podcast today and the segment discussed GPS voices.


(NPR) FLATOW: ... I found interesting in your book, you start out in the front of your book talking about that German carmakers would not put a female voice into the GPS.

Fantastic Website. Thank you!

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Contributors of the Week 2010-09-06

This week we are recognizing Speed2.

Speed2 has been posting like crazy this week. Usually we see one or two posts a week and this week there were 39 very helpful bits of wisdom.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of September13th 2010

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

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Garmin Traffic Trends versus TomTom IQ Traffic

Would like to know if Garmin's Traffic Trends functions like Tom Tom's IQ Traffic as far as picking the quickest route for varoius times of the day? Does Tom Tom gather more user info to make it accurate?


3760t poi files

I loaded poi files on 3760t using poi loader and now can't find them. Thought they would be under extras but there is nothing there. I have done this before on older nuvis and this is a bit different. Help Please


inserting POI warning sounds

Hi everyone im new to this and have a couple of questions. I see there are lots of sounds you can download as poi warnings. Can anyone tell me how do i save these from this site and get them onto my 3790T. I have also noticed that when i save a favorite they allways show on my map ie home or locations i have been to before is it possible to have all poi's show all the time? Thanks

Giving used Gps

I want to give my Nuvi 1450 gps to my sister how do I change my info on the Garmin site to her info,so Garmin will recognize her instead of me.I want to purchase the Nulink 1695 any one read any good reviews of it all I can find is what Garmin is saying about it.Thank you,mdh31951

Do You Use Your GPS To Find POIs When You Are Not In Your Vehicle?

For the most part, I have used POIs on my vehicle GPS while driving. Now that I have some GPS phones (Pharos GPS Phone 600/Garmin Nuvifone G60/T-Mobile Garminfone) I begun to start thinking about GPS files while on foot. Since I live in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Minnesota Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, I have thought about some attractions near me.

Texting and GPS use

The City of Cincinnati voted last night to ban texting while driving. They also voted to ban the imputting of any type of information into a GPS while the vehicle is moving. This new law will take effect on Oct. 10, 2010.

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Noob saying 'HI!'...

Got my first GPS this week, ordered the wrong one, now I have another one on order.
I Drive for a living, ordered the Garmin 765T, found out it doesn't have the trucking information I need,
So I have a 465WT on order.
(Garmin guy told me the 'T' was for 'Trucker',
Turned out it's for 'Traffic' FM alerts!

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Reminder: This Saturday is 9/11.
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New expressions

I’m using a Garmin 255w GPS and having trouble in changing a phrase . Here’s what I have done. See if you can follow.