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Bet most didn't know this

This is alarming. I didn't realize this information.

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Never used a GPS!

I am amazed how many people I've run into lately who never owned or used a GPS. Took a long drive with a neighbor and he had his Google map printed out I asked about using a GPS and he said never. I told him about POI'S and red light camera alerts and speed camera poi's he was surprised these web sites even existed.

Know anyone who doesn't use or have faith in GPS'S...just curious.


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Contributors of the Week 2010-05-03

This week we are recognizing Mrnicerideny and Islandersb.

You both have been helping me with the new locations in New York.

Mrnicerideny, You have been turning in lots of new locations for the NY area. I really appreciate all the assistance you have provided over the last few months.

Chit Chat Thread for the week of May 10th, 2010

This is the place to talk about things that are not gps related.

Have fun...

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.

MaryAnn Melby AKA Miss POI

San Antonio TX Attractions

I will be taking my uncle to the VA for a bone marrow transplant this week. Any suggestions on parks/wildlife areas to visit? He enjoys the flowers and birds. We will be staying a couple miles from the VA.



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Icon Size

It is suggested when creating an icon that the size be a maximum of "24X24" Is that 24 pixels X 24 pixels? I am trying to create an icon for Pacific Pride Fuel Stations and that size is pretty limiting. In other words instead of trying to fit the entire name in the icon should I just use the initials? Forgive my ignorance but I'm pretty new at this!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

May your day be filled with joy and happiness. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Businesses which post GPS waypoint files on their sites

It's commonplace now for business websites to post maps and buttons to get driving directions. Some businesses, like Flying J, try to post waypoint files (see here: http://www.flyingj.com/flyingjPortalWebProject/flyingjPortal...) but what I was able to download had mistakes in it, and Firefox was not able to download it at all.

Darth Vadar voice ...

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Customer Service Garmin v TomTom>>>

TomTom = A
Garmin = F-

Needed help from TomTom...called the toll free number, waited no more than a minute (each of the two times I called) and got two very friendly people who could not do enough to resolve the issues presented.

"You can't get there from here"

College rivalries - jokes. Keep your windmill.

What is your best college rivalry/joke?

What does the "N" on Nebraska's helmet stand for?



how do i roll back my from 4.90 back to 3.60 thanks

the art off war is never a winning combination for any one 1490T

Return Policy

I drove up to Davenport IA yesterday to Super WalMart shopping for a new GPS. They did not have a display unit and the young man was not familiar with the 1350T. I asked him about the Walmart return policy, just in case the unit did not fit my needs. He looked it up. Only 15 days for refunds on all GPS units. What is the return policy for other brick and mortar stores?

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Removal of speed cameras

Arizona's controversial experiment with speed-enforcement cameras on state freeways will come to an end this summer, when the Department of Public Safety allows the program to expire.

The DPS sent a letter to camera operator Redflex Traffic Systems this week, informing officials that their contract will not be renewed.


StarChase Pursuit Management System (GPS Device For Police Pursuits)



This looks interesting. Instead of a high speed chase, this puts a GPS tracking device on the suspect vehicle.

SD card as fast as RAM?

I the thread about defragging the memory on your GPS:


the consensus is DON'T do it!

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Getting Mapsource

My computer crashed and I lost everything including Mapsource. I might me loosing my mind but I thought at one time there was a post here on how to get mapsouce. I have looked high and low. If anyone can help you would be a life save.

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Been away for a while

Hi group,
Good to see some familiar faces and some new blood here in the "Factory". I've been away for a while. Lost my job and was out of work for a year. Familiar story for alot of folks these days. But looks like things are picking up and I landed a job that keeps me traveling so I'm back to stay I hope. Just wanted to say hello.


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Contributors of the Week 2010-04-26

This week we are recognizing CraigW.

CraigW is always looking for previous posts to help new members find the info that will help them out. It is a pleasure to have nice people like this in our community.

Thank you so much for all the guidance you provide to the new lost members. You are awesome.

Miss POI

Site Suggestion

When I log in here I check to see what replies I have to my posts. I suspect most do that as well.

It would be helpful if the link for
"My discussions" were included in the set of links under my login name, right below "My account" on the right.

As it is it takes several clicks to get to that, but is suspect it would be trivial to ad it to that list.