Creating POI files


Magellan 4040

How do I load an icon into the Magellan 4040?


zip codes

I have a spread sheet with 5 columns. they are Long, Lat, City, State, and Zip code.
Is there a way to merge the last 3 columns into one so that when I search on my c340 If I dont know any one of the 3 I can still find it?
Not sure if Im clear but Ill try to explain.

General concensus on Alerts

I've added a few POI's here and there to the site and one of the comments I get a lot is "the alert doesn't come on when I'm near..." I purposely, in all of my POI's, leave the Alert Field out as I see it to be either user preference or a possible problem to use with some Nav units.

Emergency Brake? What Emergency Brake?

Can you add custom POI icons to a Magellan

I have seen all the cool POI icons on this site for the Garmins. I am wondering if there is anyway to add these to a Magellan?

CSV Files

If I have extra columns entered into my CSV file are they just ignored when uploaed by the POI Loader?

Garmin Etrex Vista, Streetpilot 2610, GPSMap 60Csx, Nüvi 750, Colorado 400t, Nüvi 3790t

A Lot of Work

I do a lot of traveling for work and I put together a list of several cement plants and cement terminals that I travel to through out the year and I have uploaded the file to the GPS. But finding the latitude and longitude and typing the addresses for all locations takes a lot of time but well worth it.

Garmin nuvi 2455LMT (wife uses nuvi 255w) (sold C330)

installing poi

just wanted to ask if it is possible to install
poi files directly onto a sd card, without going through a usb. The reason is that I have overloaded
my USB, but i can read/write through a printer with the sd slot, I was able to transfer pictures and a mp3 which worked. Thanks for any assistance.


D.F. Aumack

Need help with Magellan Maestro 4000 POI Editor

I just got this unit and can't figure out how to use the editor. The documentation is virtually non-existent. Is there a resource for more complete instructions??

Thank you everyone!

POI Coordinates

I've been experimenting with the red light camera csv file. Of course I'm confused... Why do the coordinates for all the entries not represent the actual ( or very close ) location that the camera shows up on the Nuvi map?

my custom poi file has "Alert Imformation"

how do i get rid of this? it show distance and speed then the address of the location?? anyone else have this problem?

i created the file in excel csv extension.

when i am done i will have all the 7-11 locations in Ct i can post.


When you load an icon and poi's where do they go" I loaded some on my nuvi 350 and it said down load successful but I don't know where to look to see if they are there....I thought the icon would go to the" where to" screen but it is not there....I need some enlightenment.....

transferring files on the Garmin 350

When I try to transfer files to my 350 using the POI Loader I get an error messgae saying
"There was a problem copying the data to the data card'
The System cannot find the path specified" Anyone know the answer to this?

Change in some POI format???

Maybe what I am asking has already been thought about... if so, chock this up to me having overlooked it on the site.

I see many files that have the following type of lines in them:

long, lat, name, name

Creating custom POI daily list?

I drive for a living to service clients security systems. I do about 10 houses/business a day. I am wondering if there is a way I can type all the addresses to a SD card at the beginning of the day, then simply plug the card into my gps and avoid having to type then in on the gps screen (i have thumb fingers)

Nuvi 350 Only displaying 50 POI's

I too am quite new to the POI factory.
I jsut installed the Ontario Provincial Parks and the Quebec Parks POI's on my Nuvi 350.
Only 50 of each show now in the Nuvi
Any ideas where the other couple hundred are hiding?

POI tools

Being new to the forum and the topic of POI creation, I'm looking for some advice as to the availability of software on the Internet that I can use for this purpose. If there are any worthwhile sites I can check out, I'd appreciate suggestions.

Field Lattitude and Longitude

This site is great! Thanks.

I am trying to find the lat and long of a place in the middle of a field that has no "known address".
How is this done?


What are the fields in a POI File and how many fields can one have?

What are the field designation in a POI file and how many fields can a record have?

For example (only an example).... Looks the following record:
-124.1904,40.7749,"Flying J - Eureka, CA","3505 Broadway St, Eureka, CA 95503,
(707) 443-1891"

1. Why is everything in quotes? I notice some files are and some aren't. If it works without the quotes, why put them in?

Garmin c330 not accepting POIs

I have a Garmin c330 and tried to load some POIs onto it but got a message saying there was not enough space.

I bought a 1GB SD card and put that into the Garmin. When I try to load the POIs onto the machine it still says that there is not enough space.

How can that be? What am I doing wrong?

Any help would be incredibly appreciated as I'm pulling out my hair over this one.

Is there a way to test an mp3 file without a route?

I created some mp3 files and loaded them into my Nuvi 350.
Is there a way to test them using the Nuvi 350 so I can tell how they sound there - without having to go there in a trip?


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