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POI Download for Love's Travel Stops

I have downloaded the Love's POI zip file which contains a .csv and a .gpi file.I can load them to my Nuvi but when I call it up from my Custom POI category, it's not all there. My first location is about 450 mi from me when I know there is a Love's within about 70 miles. No matter how I load it in my GPS, POI Loader or via my computer, same thing, many known locations not showing.

Problem converting Streets and Trips generated .gpx to .csv

When converting a .gpx file that is generated by Streets and Trips 2013 to a .csv file, EPE does not pick up any route points that are not pushpins (waypoints). Route points created by altering a route by click-and-drag or by adding to a route a POI that is native to Streets and Trips don't appear when EPE opens the .gpx. And, of course then, they are not in the saved .csv file.

Here a Ideal

How about a poi for hunted places i was just in Savannah and st augustine that would come in handy I dont know how to make a poi if some makes one please let me know

Separate Kml file by country

Hi, i have a small problem with an Kml file that i build in Google My Maps.
The map contain poi´s from sevaral countries, i didnt bother to tag the places with country when i build the map, now i want to fix that.

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Would Someone Want A Project

My wife and I take a lot of day trips, and have come across some out-of-the-way little general stores. Would be nice to have a POI File of quaint General Stores, like taking a step back in time, type of stores. I have a starter list of 16 in MO, for someone. I am way too busy and committed to take on such a project, but perhaps one of our members might want to pitch in.

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POI ... help, plz (Program Files (x86))

Need a little help. Finally decided to put some custom POIs into my Garmin 1490.

Downloaded the PoiLoader and ran it.
I had already downloaded the Walmart and Rest Area POIs.

I downloaded both the mp3s and bmps for both POIs.

I renamed all the files thus: Walmart_redlight.csv and bmp and mp3 (meaning all files named as for their use).

Nuvi 65 LMT

My new nuvi 65 LMT,I don't have MP3 on it. Can I copy MP3 from
my Nuvi 660 and put it on the nuvi 65 LMT? I would like to hear red like camera ahead instead of bing bing bing.
Thanks, Larry

loading downloaded files to Garmin

I can't do it. The POI file is in my download folder but I can't remember how to get it to my Garmin. I have tried several ways. I am a newbie.

after installing extra poi editor, all i get is a blank white screen. what did i do wrong?

I just installed extra poi editor, but when i started the program, all i got was a blank white screen. what did i do wrong? appreciate any hellp i get. thanks

Shell gives us POI files

Have you seen the store locator ?

You can download all the Shell gas stations by country in a few different file formats inducing Garmin and TomTom

The store locator can be accessed at

And these two direct links are for Canadian and US Shell locations in Garmin format.

Export data from EPE

I use EPE to maintain a POI file and it works well. Now I wish to share my data with someone else to use on a web site. The problem is that all the file "save as" formats seem to not do as I want. I would like a file that can be opened with Microsoft Excel. The 2 Excel file options discard some of the data I want to keep. The best one is a Garmin .cvs file format.

HELP: Accuracy of web-based Address Geocoders

I search POI Factory regarding this issue and could not locate any relevant posts.

I maintain a POI file using several address geocoders. I recently noticed that my Garmin would occasionally lead me to a location across the street from the actual address desired. I was very surprised!

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sox.exe (computer doesn't allow me to save it)

Hi. I have a minor problem, i have download sox.exe succesfully but for some reason my computor does not allow me to save it in the folder where PoiLoader is placed. (program86)

I am the adminstrator of my computer but that does not seem to help, i realize this is not much information about my problem but if anyone think this sounds familiar please don´t hesitate to answer.

Nüvi 300 and Nüvi 3597LMT. Oneplus with Locus Map and Here/Sygic/Maps

Converting a Garmin .gpi file

Is there a way to convert a Garmin .gpi file back to a format that I can compare the data it contains to data from another source? I am thinking a csv file is something I can work with.

Here is a link to the file I wish to convert.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Divided Highway and Interstate Crossovers

I haven not been able to find any POI files that mention crossovers on divided highways. I'm wondering how hard it would be to make one myself.

I have a list of all of the ones I am interested in, and I presume that the DOT keeps some sort of list as well. I presume that I would do something like:

1) Find GPS coordinates for all of the ones I am interested in

Who's allowed to change my POI file?

I'm the creator and maintainer of the Gander Mtn. POI file. I just updated this POI today, but then noticed this comment that I hadn't seen before. It's in the "Change History" section:

charlesd45 - Jan 17, 2015

What the heck is that? I thought that I was the only one with the authority to update my POI files or add sound files to it (well, except for maybe Jon or Globe Turtle).

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POI on a NUVI 50LM

I'm a little confused....
On my NUVI 750 and 850, am I not correct that you rename/delete the small POI file on the NUVI and replace it with the larger POI file (or use a micro SD card)?

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iPhone app for poi coordinated

I found this free iPhone app that allows you to search an address, move a pin for greater accuracy and gives you longitude & latitude
And it's free
Geo Marker: Find Location Information by ObjectGraph LLC

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Sygic POI files including phone numbers

Hi, first post.
I'm trying to make a POI file for the Sygic app (I'm using Android as a test bed). I use Sygic's RUPI Convertor from Sygic at and follow their instructions to the letter. I've seen the instructions you have on this site about Sygic/McGuider POIs and I comply with those also.

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Newbie - Custom Favorites Icons

Just found this site while searching for an answer.

How does one add a custom icon to be used for a Favorite in a Garmin nüvi255W without having to resort to messing with the firmware? That process is more complicated that it's worth, requiring three or four different pieces of software.

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