Specific way to format entry?


Is there a specific way the particular POI entry (name, address, phone number, etc) has to be formatted so that the device only announces part of it and doesn't try to say the whole thing (which usually ends up truncated in speech)? Like if you have a particular Walmart entry where it'll only say "Walmart Anytown" and not the entire entry (or at least whatever part of it is showing on the screen)?

Need more info

You seem to be implying that you are hearing audio from your GPS (which you say is often truncated).

Can you give us more details?

Is this a Custom POI? If so, which one?


As it happens I do have the POI factory Walmart file on both of my Garmins.
Walmart.GPX, Walmart.jpg and Walmart.wav or MP3 depending on the Garmin. Of course converted to POI.gpi for the Garmin.

Maybe it is my distance settings set from POI editor,but I hardly ever get an "audible" reminder. If or when I do all it is, is "Walmart ahead" and nothing else. No town, phone number or street address.

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I'm wondering??

Mine announces the name of the poi because I have audio associated with it. My name is just the name such as Walmart, Mighty Taco, Brueggers, etc.
I wonder if the op has something else included in the name such as "Walmart 123 any street town".

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The way the Walmart file is

The way the Walmart file is configured you won't get the address or location information for a location. Garmin only displays (and therefore announces) a string up to 20 characters. The practice of attempting to jam as much information into the name field is purely a waste in my estimation as anything the 20th character position is not displayed.

There is a way to get more info to show on the screen but it is with a GPX file only.

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