No GO indicator for my Garmin 3790 using CSV files on Casinos


I am using a Garmin 3790 and I loaded the casinos_usa_csv file and when I select a casino location it comes on the screen but it does not show the GO tab. I would appreciate any suggestions!


Check this

No "Go" Button

You probably have a file name that contains a number. Since POI Loader interprets numbers in file names as a speed alert, remove the number to get the "GO" button.

The most likely way a numeral has ended up in the filename is that you already had the file downloaded to your computer, then you redownloaded the file, possibly when an update was issued. PC computers will default offering the download name to casinos_usa (1).csv when it see that casinos_usa.csv is already in the folder you plan to download the 2nd copy to. If this is what happened, just go to your computer folder with the file and rename the file with the "space (1)" removed, then run POI Loader again to update your nuvi. The green Go should be back at that point.

Other problems that can arise with a (1) file:

-you will end up with two casino files, the original and the (1) update

-if you have an associated custom audio alert or custom icon without the (1), the association between the csv and the bmp/wav will be lost.

unwanted speed proximity alert

If the filename has a number in it, an unwanted speed alert will be created. This will alert when you approach the casino.

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No Go

It is probably trying to save you money

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1st problem

CraigW and dobs108 are probably right. This is the first problem reported since I uploaded the Casino files last march, so I don't think the .csv file itself is the problem. Must be a number in the name.

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Timantide wrote:

It is probably trying to save you money


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