1 file!


why is it that when I send my new favorites to my sd card,when im on the road and I go to Where to and I click on the poi files it is divided into several files like garmin,poi,current etc, I don't want to be scrolling through all that how do I just make it one file?


different strokes for

different strokes for different folks.
If you don't add any POIs there will still be all the rest
They don't add together.
Each unit has slightly different access. I have a 1490, 765, 3597
For the 1490 - Favorites shows you added in individually, Recently used is self explanatory, Points Of Interest shows all of Garmin's stuff, Extras shows you your custom POIs - that is what you added. You have to click on it an they appear as you created them. You could probably delete all the associated files for the others, but the top menu item will still appear.
That's just the way it is.