Creating POI files


Excel File Format

Is it possible for POI files to be created or at least translated into Excel files when the originator creates them? I prefer to work with the POI files with Excel, and I spend a lot of time just parsing the data so I can. Even putting comma separators in csv cells would help with the parsing. When they also have inconsistent formats, it slows things down a lot.

CSV Category File Format?

I understand the POI format for a CSV file. I can certainly construct and format what I need for that using the format lat/lon,name,address, etc.
I need help defining the format for categories. I can find no info regarding including a category or making a separate category file. I don't want to use a file generator app - I just need to understand the format and I'll take it from there.

1 file!

why is it that when I send my new favorites to my sd card,when im on the road and I go to Where to and I click on the poi files it is divided into several files like garmin,poi,current etc, I don't want to be scrolling through all that how do I just make it one file?


adding more poi to chevy

hi everyone
how do i add more pois or selections to chevy.. it appears i cant add or create new folders.. for example i have to have all pois in one folder.. etc, fuel food or cameras,,? wud anyone know how to go about it?

Robert Tschetter

Duplicate POIs on Garmin

I've become relatively comfortable using POI Factory to create and load custom POIs to my Garmin Zumo 550.

However, I keep getting duplicate or triplicate custom POIs on the Garmin. I've searched allover the Factory site but cannot find a resolution to eliminate these or to avoid this problem.

Toronto Police

How do I Create POI Files on here that can be Downloaded later as Toronto Police Locations?

Custom POI

Hello, I would like to create a custom POI with an alarm that notifies me when I near the POI. I have a Garmin Nuvi 2539 and 2557. I looked around on the internet, but found no clear instruction on creating a custom POI.


No GO indicator for my Garmin 3790 using CSV files on Casinos

I am using a Garmin 3790 and I loaded the casinos_usa_csv file and when I select a casino location it comes on the screen but it does not show the GO tab. I would appreciate any suggestions!


EPE acting wierdly

Very strange thing with EPE today. I downloaded the Speed Cameras and Red-Light Cameras files today as I do every week. And as I've done every week for the last ten years or so, I opened the Speed file first, deleted the "poi-factory " part in every line, saved and closed the file, and used EPE to convert it to a .GPS file. Everything was cool.

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

Help, GPX has an error

I created a GPX file in EPE "Hundred_Eats in_AL_2016.gpx". When I try to open it in Basecamp or Mapsource I get an error but it won't say what the error is. It is uploaded to "100+ dishes to eat in Alabama before you die". Anyone have any ideas of how to trouble shoot this problem?


Specific way to format entry?

Is there a specific way the particular POI entry (name, address, phone number, etc) has to be formatted so that the device only announces part of it and doesn't try to say the whole thing (which usually ends up truncated in speech)?

Can't see poi's

Hi all
When I connect garmin to Mac I can see michalin green guide but I can't see it through device anyone got any ideas.
Thanks in advance Dell

Old man but still learning Dell

This tutorial mentions using to create text to WAV files, but I can't get it to actually do anything. I've tried different browsers. Does it work for everyone else?

Icons in GPX


In Google My Maps, I have compiled information found of several web-sites and I've created detailed maps for Route 66.

I've created one map per state for each map I've :
- A list of Point of Interest
- Tracks to follow Route 66

I've exported those in KMZ and then converted them into GPX files so that I can use them in OSMAnd for turn-by-turn and voice navigation.

Dodge uConnect Nav systems

I am having trouble getting the POI icons to show up on my uconnect 8.4N/RB5. I am able to load the files and the files show up with everything I loaded. The only thing is the icons on the map itself, none will display. The file is good because I loaded the same file onto my Garmin Nuvi and they show up.

Any help would be appreciated, Dodge is no help


I hope I am not posting this in the wrong forum! I have loaded multiple POIs into my 3597. I see them in "INTERNAL STORAGE" on my PC when looking at the 3597! I have gone through the exercise whereby I created a TEST POINT ONE with EPE. When I approach the REST POINT ONE, the 3597 does, indeed, "announce that I have approached the TEST POINT ONE POI!

Basecamp Error When Viewing File in Google Earth

This has been an ongoing problem for some time now but something happened recently to make it worse.

poiedit issue

When I try to edit the distance alert, I am choosing replace field, then saving the file. When I check all POI have alert distance, After saving, when I open the file the distance is missing. What am I doing wrong?


Creating Extended GPX from Universal CSV file

I am having some difficulty creating the extended GPX version (rather than the standard GPX) file from a UCSV file. I never get the additional extended data. Can anyone offer any help when using GPSBabel to do this?

TurboCCC: Where To menu, black dots, icons, GPI

I have tried for literally years (not an exaggeration)to get BMP map icons to show for GPI POI on my 3590LMT.

I somehow managed it about 6 months ago and now I can't remember exactly what hoops I jumped through.

It is possibly one of the most annoyingly difficult things to do yet there's no real documentation or info on how to do it. Even the TurboCCC help file is corrupt.

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