Creating POI files


Wav files not to proper format

Hi trying to upload some custom POI files. Everything goes well until the end. Then in the POI loader it says congratulations you have successfully installed you custom api files on your device. Then in the box below it says unable to convert.wav to the proper format therefore the audio file was not transferred. Not sure what this means. Thank you

Ideas on a history project

Hi, I am new here.

Sheetz aggressively expanding

Sheetz is aggressively expanding 1 or 2 locations per month. Last update to POI was may of 2018. Not sure how hard it is to keep it up to date. Says initially downloaded from their website but I don't see a POI file on their website. Any chance of this POI getting an update?

automatic proximity filenames

I am a bit confused......I would like automate my POILoader instead of manually entering alert settings all the time, by placing the setting in the filename for schools, redlights, speed cams, and rest areas. Reading Garmin's "Creating Custom POI Files" doc I get this:

The filename "school_safety_25.csv" will produce an alert for any POI in the file.

Unable To Convert

I recently installed some POI files and at the end of installing them I get a "Unable To Convert" next to the files. In the note it says some devices need to be rebooted for them to work. This has never happened before. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

It's been so long I've completely forgotten how to (Basecamp route)

I have a Garmin Nuvi and have installed Basecamp on my Windows 10 machine.

I have a CVS file with a list of places including the Longitude and latitude and other necessary information.

What I want to do is create an efficient route in my Garmin GPS from those points so I can use the Garmin Nuvi to navigate to the points one by one via the most efficient routing.

Nuvi 2595LMT --------- Nuvi 2460

Add Custom POIs to existing Category

Is it possible to add your custom POIs to the existing ones installed with your maps? That way, using the "Where To?" tool will search both the standard POIs that came with the map and my additional custom ones.

I have a Garmin eTrex 20x and I use it primarily for bicycle touring. The maps I have are the Northeast topo from and from Open Street Map (

Nichael Hauck, Cycling Tourist

TourGuide GPX Files

I need a clarification... What I want to do is create a file of places, using proximity, that I will receive a notification on my GPSr when I am within the 'proximity circle'.

gadget nutz and broke

KOA Campground File

I have just updated the KOA file that I maintain. I finally had time.
Unfortunately since Extra poi editor does not work I had to use Google Earth and Google Maps.I looked at each "new" location to determine if it was truly a campground. I left the marker where Google placed it. Some are in the middle of the campground and some are at the entrance.
Any corrections would be greatly appreciated.

Nuvi 2460LMT.

Extra POI Editor

Anybody use Extra POI Editor? I've been using v6.04 for some time and now all of a sudden the software is 'locking up'. Won't open POI's, and can't close it - have to use Task Manager to shut it down.

I've tried uninstall and reinstall with no success. Suggestions appreciated.

Can't Install Extra

When I try to use the Extra installer, it says it completed and I see the program in control panel. However, I cannot run the exe. In my Win10x64Pro machine, running the exe brings up the Microsoft Single Image installer as if Windows thinks it's an Office application. Any ideas on an alternative way to start the program??

Excel File Format

Is it possible for POI files to be created or at least translated into Excel files when the originator creates them? I prefer to work with the POI files with Excel, and I spend a lot of time just parsing the data so I can. Even putting comma separators in csv cells would help with the parsing. When they also have inconsistent formats, it slows things down a lot.

CSV Category File Format?

I understand the POI format for a CSV file. I can certainly construct and format what I need for that using the format lat/lon,name,address, etc.
I need help defining the format for categories. I can find no info regarding including a category or making a separate category file. I don't want to use a file generator app - I just need to understand the format and I'll take it from there.

1 file!

why is it that when I send my new favorites to my sd card,when im on the road and I go to Where to and I click on the poi files it is divided into several files like garmin,poi,current etc, I don't want to be scrolling through all that how do I just make it one file?


adding more poi to chevy

hi everyone
how do i add more pois or selections to chevy.. it appears i cant add or create new folders.. for example i have to have all pois in one folder.. etc, fuel food or cameras,,? wud anyone know how to go about it?

Robert Tschetter

Duplicate POIs on Garmin

I've become relatively comfortable using POI Factory to create and load custom POIs to my Garmin Zumo 550.

However, I keep getting duplicate or triplicate custom POIs on the Garmin. I've searched allover the Factory site but cannot find a resolution to eliminate these or to avoid this problem.

Toronto Police

How do I Create POI Files on here that can be Downloaded later as Toronto Police Locations?

Custom POI

Hello, I would like to create a custom POI with an alarm that notifies me when I near the POI. I have a Garmin Nuvi 2539 and 2557. I looked around on the internet, but found no clear instruction on creating a custom POI.


No GO indicator for my Garmin 3790 using CSV files on Casinos

I am using a Garmin 3790 and I loaded the casinos_usa_csv file and when I select a casino location it comes on the screen but it does not show the GO tab. I would appreciate any suggestions!


EPE acting wierdly

Very strange thing with EPE today. I downloaded the Speed Cameras and Red-Light Cameras files today as I do every week. And as I've done every week for the last ten years or so, I opened the Speed file first, deleted the "poi-factory " part in every line, saved and closed the file, and used EPE to convert it to a .GPS file. Everything was cool.

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450
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