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I am having trouble getting the POI icons to show up on my uconnect 8.4N/RB5. I am able to load the files and the files show up with everything I loaded. The only thing is the icons on the map itself, none will display. The file is good because I loaded the same file onto my Garmin Nuvi and they show up.

Any help would be appreciated, Dodge is no help

Are you sure?

Are you sure that the Dodge GPS will let you load POI information that they do not supply themselves?

I have no knowledge of the GPS system that comes with the Dodge cars, but I do know that many of the systems that are available from the vehicle manufacturers will not let you load your own information. (My Ford is one of many, which I find extremely irritating - to the point where I would love to have a chat in a dark alley with the project manager at Ford who made the decision to install a crippled system like that.)

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i think i am having same issues, i can see an alert, icon comes up but no pic icon..

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How Did You Load it?

How were you able to load the file? I have a 2014 Durango with the Uconnect 8.4AN system, and it won't load custom POI files. I'd seen directions on how to before I bought the car, but there was nothing in the owner's manual, and using the directions I found didn't work. I called Uconnect (about something else) and asked, and they couldn't find a way to do load them either.

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POI`s can be loaded via USB and viewed by selecting WHERE TO and the option EXTRAS. Unfortunately Icons do not show on the main map as they would on a portable unit. However if you go to Browse map they do show there, also they can be seen by touching the main map when vehicle is not moving. If an alert is set the icon will flash on the main screen when you are within the set distance from the POI.

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