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In Google My Maps, I have compiled information found of several web-sites and I've created detailed maps for Route 66.

I've created one map per state for each map I've :
- A list of Point of Interest
- Tracks to follow Route 66

I've exported those in KMZ and then converted them into GPX files so that I can use them in OSMAnd for turn-by-turn and voice navigation.

Everything is fine except the icons.

Do you know if there's a way / tool to keep the icons into a GPX file ?
For each POI, I've selected the correct icon in Google My Maps.

There doesn't appear to be

There doesn't appear to be any GPX tag for icons. See http://www.topografix.com/gpx.asp and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPS_Exchange_Format#Data_types
It's possible to include icons as an extension, but not all devices know how to treat extensions. Another possibility is to convert the icon images to text, and then include that text in the GPX file. This site may assist in that: http://www.unit-conversion.info/texttools/text-to-html/

Icons no, symbols yes

If you are referring to the symbols present in EPE and in Basecamp/Mapsource, then yes, those can be integrated into a .gpx file. Download any of the ones (.gpx files) that I have created for the roadmap of how to integrate them. For a list of supported, go here: http://gpxclean.camerabob.com:5190/GPXClean-Symbols.html


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Hi, Indeed it's more about


Indeed it's more about symbols (e.g. Motel, Gas Station, Bridge, Park, Historic Building, ...).

I'll have a look at your links but I seems I won't be able to get those embedded in my KML/KMZ converted to GPX automatically.

Anyway, if no choice, I'll do it manually for the 500+ PoI I marked along Route 66.

Thanks for your help !

Apparently OSMAnd does not

Apparently OSMAnd does not recognize the sym tag.
So I'll have to live without it.