Excel File Format


Is it possible for POI files to be created or at least translated into Excel files when the originator creates them? I prefer to work with the POI files with Excel, and I spend a lot of time just parsing the data so I can. Even putting comma separators in csv cells would help with the parsing. When they also have inconsistent formats, it slows things down a lot. I'm talking about large files, like campgrounds and Walmarts.



Extra POI Editor will do this for you

EPE or Excel

To me, it's a matter of choice.

I use Excel plus Google maps. It's much easier (to me) when finding an ATM remote when it's not at the address listed or has an incorrect address listed. Using the full screen to scan a mall parking lot is quicker. I also sometimes use Google Earth as the maps are sometimes newer than Google Maps. You can use EPE once the exact location is found.

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I've been known to take a for example the "Walmart" file. Then in Excel I've done an alpha sort by state/province and deleted ALL states/provinces which I will never ever need. Then saved it again as Walmart.

I do realize the actual file size in kb does not make much of a difference but I just don't want anything I'll never need or use.

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