Creating POI files


How to add a location to a existing poi

For the live of me I can not figure this out.. I wanted to send the owner of this poi another location for them to update it but i can not figure out how can someone help me

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M S Streets&Trips

I have had a 1450 for almost two years and am just now starting to try to put things on it. Its overwhelming. This coming spring I'm going to Hawaii. I have all my POIs and such in my 2010 Streets&Trips. How do I transfer them to my Garmin? I do have Base Camp installed on my computer but do not know how to transfer. Or change extensions if needed. I tried to read the FAQs but nothing specific.

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Using Basecamp to create a file

When I looked at the FAQ for creating a POI file, I got a great deal of technical information about the detailed specifications buried within the file. That's not what I want to know.

Let's assume I want to upload a file to POI Factory. Let's assume that all of the points are contained within a single list within Garmin's Basecamp.

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What software do you use to create POI files?

POI Naming

Morning people of the GPS world. I am a new member and a relatively new GPS owner/User. I would like to create some new POI's for the area that I live in so others like you could see them or find them if you come to this area. Being NEW means that currently I do not know how to do this task and would like to have a litle assistance in doing my first one.

POI Editor in Linux/Ubuntu


Is there a GPL'd POI Editor for Ubuntu Linux... I like Extra POI Editor on Windows, but I was wondering if there is anything available for Linux.


Coordinate "flipping" utility for Excel

ExcelFlip is a pair of Excel macros that use modified Copy and Paste keyboard shortcuts to "flip" back and forth between

- a pair of [lon,lat] coordinate values in two adjacent Excel cells, and

- a pair of comma-separated [lat,lon] values on the Windows clipboard.

Folks who maintain their POI files in Excel may find it useful when copying coordinates to and from Google Maps.

Coordinate "flipping" utility for the Windows clipboard

ClipFlip.exe is a Windows utility that looks for a pair of coordinates (in decimal degrees) on the Windows clipboard and "flips" the order of the coordinates. Folks who maintain their CSV files in Notepad may find it useful when copying coordinates to and from Google Maps.

For more information, the download link, and installation instructions, see

GPX vs. CSV question

I have just recently got a new Garmin. My last one was about 8 - 9 years old and never put any POI's on it myself. I want to give it a shot and try to put some on my new 3790llmt. I went to the POI page and downloaded a bunch into my computer. Now I have the task of trying to figure out how - so I am going to read all that I can.

Redlight and Speedcamera data

I would like to create a Redlight and Speedcamera file on my PC and use the Garmin POI Loader to transfer the collected data to my nuvi 3790.
There are several sources from where this data is available for download : POI Factory, GPS Data Team, POI Plaza, Trappster, SCDB, Hpatlik and others.

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City Parks or City Parks That Have Camping Areas

I would like knowabout city parks that have camping areas.

CSV File format

Is it possible to change other file formats to CSV ? AS I wouod like to use the Flying J/Pilot POI in my
Rand-McNally 7710
If so how ? Let me know at

G. Walker

Volvo navigation system uses .idx format for custom POIs - HELP!

I'm trying to upload the POI Factory red-light cameras file to my Volvo navigation system. Unfortunately, it only reads .idx format files. Does anyone know how to convert the POI factory's .csv format to the .idx format or have any idea of another way to get this to work with the Volvo system.

Drag Strip CSV file for the southeast U.S.

I am trying to create a csv file with southeast dragstrip
locations. Hope i didnt miss a listing already in process
or already completed.Let me know if this is something that might be desired.


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applying changes to a poi file

When I load my POI files I choose custom so I can change the distance alerts begin, how can I make these changes permanent. Now everytime I load new/updated files I have to go through each and every one and make the changes all over again via the POI loader.

Make sense?


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Create POIs from Google Earth

Hi everyone just watched a video on YouTube on how to create POIs from Google Earth. Very informative and easy to follow…..just what I needed

You will also need kml to cvs converter, Note you will need java to run this program

Hope this helps

Unable to Upload Updates

I've got a new edition of the Free WiFi files. For the
past two [2] days ... I've been unable to upload the

The upload session times-out.

I've tried two different computers, both running XP.
Also tried three different browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera)

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Microsoft Script Errors

When I bring up Movie Locations.csv in EPE, for the purposes of doing global proximity alerts, I get a Microsoft Script Error, and EPE aborts.

Anyone else get this? Anyone know how to fix it?

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Given a choice for downloading, what are the pro's and con's for each format for POI files?

Is there any reason why CSV POI files aren't also posted as GPX?

Assigning proximity alerts in batches

I have tried searching but cannot find this. I would like to take a file such as a rest stop file and assign the same 3 mile proximity alerts to all the rest stops in the file. I do not want to have to go through each POI separately. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

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