Creating POI files


How to build a POI list from a directory?

Hi, first time caller. I was just wondering, I have a few large lists of lists of addresses (one is my contacts list, another is one I got from the internet, etc.) and I was hoping there was a simple way to geocode them (I think that's the right term) and set them up into a format I can use without having to add each individual one by hand.

Whataburger POI change

The Whataburger in Prescott, AZ (below) is now closed :'(

-112.460316 34.541703 Whataburger 715 E Gurley St Prescott AZ 86301 (928) 778-0450

How do I report this so the POI is updated?

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Error with - Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives PLUS [CSV]

Ok, I am a noob... but I think the "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives PLUS [CSV]" has an error with it.

I downloaded and when I went to view it the CSV file only had nine (9) entries.

Let me know if the file is ok or if THIS noob just has no idea what he is doing.

Thanks for the help.


Geo Coded Photos, and Locations to map and match up

I have a bunch of photos that are geo coded, AND I have a bunch of locations with lat/lon. I want to match them up. The lat/lon have names. So if I can place them on a map together, I can rename the photos to the locations.

Google Earth has too many other things cluttering up the screen. Would like to start with a clean slate, load both onto a map, and start renaming the pictures.


POI Directional & Radius Alerts

When creating a POI .csv file is it possible to specify the direction for an alert? Also, is it possible to specify the radius for an alert? How do I do this in manually creating a .csv file. I've searched and searched the internet for this information and can't find anything. I'm new to this so this may be "not-so-smart" questions so forgive if they are. Thanks for your help.

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Lat and Long

I downloaded POI files and opened them to see how to edit them. When I copy and paste the Latitude and Longitude into Google Maps, they seem to be backwards.
(Google shows me something in South America or somewhere else). If I reverse the order of the numbers, it shows me the right place.

to many waypoints in route file

loaded custom routes using mapscource, when importing from my data folder i received this error,the file your importing has to many waypoints ?

anyone know how many is to many ? question
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Extra_POI_Factory - missing / unregistered ieframe.DLL

Just installed this tool (5.32), worked pretty well - once.

Next time said ieframe.dll was missing / unregistered or some other related component was missing / unregistered.

Couldn't get it to go again despite uninstalling, reinstalling, turning off AV etc.

Writer says he can be reached in this forum, so I thought I'd post this here.

Live Theatre

My Garmin had live theatre locations in the POIs. I recently got a Rand McNally TND 720 and it does not have them. Does anyone know how to move them from one to the other or can someone build a POI for them. Thanks



Fidelity Banks - PA (File Closed)

All branches of Fidelity Bank - PA now belong to WesBanco. I can not tell from WesBanco's website how many branches they have or even what states they are in. So this is the end of this POI file.

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101 creating a POI, plus which concerter should I use?

Hi, i have before created successfully one csv file for POIs along a trail in sweden where im from.

Now I im starting on a project to add information about shelters or camping spots along the same track.
My primary resource will be this page:

Editing, Deleting and Transfering POI Files

It has been a while since I did any of this. I had an old Garmin 265wt that died. Just recently I purchased a new Garmin Nuvi 3700 series.
I would like to move the old POI files off my SD card and back to my computer.
Once on my computer - I would like to edit or delete some of the files that I never used.

Lost (ha, no pun intended)...easiest way to add 10-25 destinations each day

I am an incurably clueless noob. I have searched these forums over and over and still can't figure out how to do what I want.

Convert between formats

I have a file I created with the following type coordintates

39.311844 76.626258

I save it in a .csv format and my Garmin can read it.

I just checked other poi files and find they are in this type format (which Garmin as no trouble reading)

-68.30356 44.35395

Is there a program that will do the conversion for me?


Extra POI Editor comes up blank

As of today, Extra POI Editor doesn't appear in Win 7 when launched. The icon shows up in the taskbar, but nothing on the main screen. If I hover over the toolbar icon, the application preview shows up, but the application area is blank.

Any fixes? This is the main application I use to build POI files for our trips. Help!!!

How many sub-folders will work with the nuvi 50?

How many sub-folders will work with the nuvi 50?

Say I have a folder "Food" and within food can I have a folder "Western" and another "Italian" and so on? I can only get the "Food" folder and csv files in that folder to load, the Western and Italian don't appear within the food folder.

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Adding custom POIs from xls file

I worked in an office where custom POI files were loaded with phone numbers and one other data set (birth date or month).
I have MS Streets & Trips which generates gpx files but does not create GPX files with the "more" data or list the phone number (although the S&T will show the data on the screen).
How can I generate CSV or GPX files which will include the additional data?

Laziness (on my part)

I'm wondering if all you nice poi file maintainers and creators, could possibly keep your csv's and or Gpx files when you update them named the same as prior to the update.
Hmm.. doesn't sound right. Ok here's an example. The last time the walmart file was uploaded it was called Wal-Mart_United States & Canada.csv.
Yesterday an update was put on the site called

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Extra POI and missing POI's

I'm making a list of custom POI's at the moment using Extra POI editor. The problem is that for some reason some POI's simply will not show when the file is transferred to the unit (Nuvi 2445). I've had a look with excel at the file and can't see any way the ones that don't show up are different.

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