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How to get address / comment avoir les adresse


Hi, I would like to know how can I get full address with Google earth ?
I have saved my favorites, extracted in KML and when I convert the file, I did'nt get the address!

Also my search found 5000 results and when I save the file, only the first 10 results appear!

Thank you


Icon for Garmin 3597

My head is a mess right now!
I have been reading some threads about making an Icon for some days now, i may have got some parts right, some not so right.
I even started up my Irfanwiew and tried to get going but i think i may run out of talent with this project.

All this things about size an colors, 256 colors, 8 bit,, 24 bit and something about magenta really screwed me up.

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BMP Icon Difficulties

Since the topic BMP Icon Discussions was meant to address the BMP Icon Library and adding or changing its content, I thought I'd create a new topic for people having difficulties with the use of icons.

Waypoint vs POI - I don't want to navigate to my POI

Newbie here,...
I have the Nuvi 1490 with snowmobile maps loaded on SD card,..all works well.
In MapSource I created a waypoint of our cottage that we sled out of...
As soon as I go to the map on the nuvi it wants to navigate me to the waypoint.
I dont want this to happen, I just want it to be a POI like other POI's on the map...

What am I doing wrong here,...

Custom POIs & Elevation Data

I have a new Garmin nuvi 2597LMT and I'm rather new to creating custom POI files but I have successfully done so complete with my own icons and sound. Is it possible for elevation data to display on my unit? I have "mountain peaks and summits" and "county high points" POI csv files with available elevation data but I can't determine if this is possible and, if so, how to incorporate it.

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Custom POIs & Descriptive Data

Many, if not most, custom POI csv files on this website have a fourth column of descriptive text like address, city, state & telephone number in addition to the name label of the POI. When, where & how is that information imported into the gps unit? Are all Garmin gps units capable of displaying/utilizing that fourth column of data?

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Custom POIs & Line Breaks for Descriptive Data

I recently posted a query about creating line breaks in displayed text on my Garmin nuvi 2597LMT. I have since read in earlier postings about the various known ways of achieving line breaks. I want to manually try to create line breaks before I move on and learn EPE. I have created and uploaded otherwise working custom POIs files to my unit but I can't seem to achieve line breaks.

Garmin nüvi 2597 & Escort 9500ix Radar/Laser/GPS + Escort Live!

Cannot get Excel file into Garmin....!

I've done this before, but for some reason it's not working.

I'm going to Paris and taking the garmin edge 810 with. I want a list of some attractions stored in the gps so I can navigate easily to.

For some reason, I can't get the excel file to upload via poi loader into the garmin.... It says the file format isn't valid, even though it's csv deliminated...

Any suggestions?

What States to Make a Cemetery POI file for,

I'm snowbound for at least several days,and It's still going to be a long winter, and was wondering, if I were to create a new Cemetery POI file, what state would everybody want? Given that I already do MO, OH, IL, IA and KS.

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If you are geocoding with EPE I found a quirk. On address with interstate highways you can't use Interstate Highway or IH. I will bring back irrelevant. It's got to be I-30 as an example. This isn't true with GPS visualizer.

New Google Maps - Click to get coordinates

It's finally here!

Click anywhere on the #newGoogleMaps to get the geographic coordinates of a place.

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nuvi 2595 lmt (unable to convert .wav)

Been reading all posts for days. Have done setup over and over, still get "unable to convert Redlight-Cameras.wav". So no sound file is downloaded. I did convert the mp3 file to wav file 1st using GoldWave program. Any suggestions.

Learned My Lesson

I was working on a new file using EPE and everything was going fine until I was probably on my 50th entry when after hitting the "Geocoding" button it didn't produce a result, and instead got an error message that says "The requested search did not return any relevant result." So I just used Google maps to get the coordinates and copied the results on the latitude and longitude fields on EPE, the

Too many columns?

When I click "check for problems" for my POI file that I'm maintaining, I get entries that are flagged for "too many columns".

Basically it looks like since I've put some notes in the Description box, which amounts to a fourth column, I'm getting this "problem".

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POI help 4 newbie (how to get the POIs from POI factory to my computer)

Newbie here, need help with POIs. I have created a file on my computer to move the POIs into, but for some reason (perhaps old age) I can not figure out how to get the POIs from POI factory to my computer.. what am I doing wrong, or not doing.

new Extra POI user question?

OK, newbie question alert!!
I just started using Extra POI editor and so far it looks really great. I've manged to get just about everything to work the way I want it... except...

Making changes in POI csv files

I am trying to make changes in existing POI files to suit my needs (and I plan to upload when I do it right). So far, when I load them in my Nuvi 205, they either won't load or only load an item or two. Granted I'm new at this.... Is there a tutorial showing how to take an existing file (example:the POI showing a majority of the AM radio stations in the U.S.).

Eric F

POI Editor

Is anyone having trouble with the POI Editor from turbo the geo coding button no longer works I have to enter the cooridnates manually, does anyone have a fix for this.

Need an icon created

Note user I'm putting this topic in the right forum.

I regularly do motorcycle rides in support of Wounded Warriors. The grand tour is The Tour of Honor,

I need an icon create to go with the locations. A simple TOH would be ok but a better one using the Tour of Honor wheel would be outstanding.

I have no artistic ability and less computer graphic skills.

poi file verifier

Where, if possible, can I download a copy of poi file verifier? I had some computer problems and lost mine. None of the links on the forum work.

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