Creating POI files


Extra POI Editor

Is it possible to delete multiple locations in Extra POI Editor? I can only seem to select one at a time and delete.



Creating POI File

When trying to split the large Walmart - Sams cvs, all seems to go well except when selecting a store site, the site appears on the map but I don't get the "GO" or "Save" message.

Any thoughts what I'm doing wrong?


Coordinate and adress finder

I dont know if this is old news but i think this is a nice site to get coordinates and adresses from.

best regards jocke

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TourGuides on Nuvi 40LM

I've been trying to use TourGuide POIs on my Garmin Nuvi 40LM and I haven't been able to get them to work. I've read a lot of posts and have plenty of things to check out but, before I drive myself crazy, can anyone tell me if TourGuides even work on the 40LM? I need it doesn't support MP3s but, can I use TourGuides if I convert to WAVs? Or should I just give up?

Thanks in advance. confused

EPE Acting Up

Opening EPE and then clicking "Add New POI" and entering the necessary information on the "Address" field, when I hit "Geocoding", a popup message would say "The requested search did not return any relevant result". Huh? I'm not doing a search.

gpsbabel giving awkwardness

I run the below.

gpsbabel -i csv -f "McDonalds.csv" -o garmin_gpi,bitmap="McDonalds.bmp",category="McDonalds" -F "McDonalds.gpi"

McDonalds will show up as a custom poi on the device the closest location is 4500 plus miles away and when you click something to navigate to the location the garmin says "Cannot calculate route"

Conversion confusion

Can anyone explain when I download a POI file from here, whether it's a GPX or OV2, once I convert it to CSV using this site

often times the CSV file is then corrupted? For example, some GPS locations may be omitted or the text description is changed/omitted.

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Icon for poi

Hallo again.
I have anoyher question an if this is a common question that has been asked before, maybe you can show me the direction for some threads. smile

I am working with Extra poi loader and have a gpx file that is almost done, every poi has a description and a link to a picture and i am happy with it.

Nüvi 300 and Nüvi 3597LMT. Oneplus with Locus Map and Here/Sygic/Maps

Read through the FAQ but still need some help

I just updated this POI:

There's 60 entries. But when I download the ov2 file only 36 entries show up in my GPS. The csv file shows the correct 60 when I download it.

Amazing GPS: I once was lost but now am found.

Batch convert KLM to GPX files

I'd like to convert multiple KLM files from Google earth to GPX files for Garmin.

What I don't want to do is convert one at a time.
Any suggestions?

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New Google Maps - rubbish?


I've tried twice now to work out how to use the new Google Maps to create POIs for my GPS. I am not getting anywhere. The simple right-click/"What's here" action to get the Lat Lon have disappeared all together.

Nor can I work out how to add new POIs.

So I am sticking with the old Google Maps for now.

error loading cvs files converted from gpx

I'm trying to load the H-D Dealers POI file onto my
Nuvi 1450LMT which I understand can't read a gpx file.
I've converted the H-D Dealers.gpx file to a cvs file using the Extra POI online editor.
When I try to load the H-D Dealers.cvs file using
the POI Loader I get and error such as

Just a question

Let me start out by saying anyone creating the POI files deserves a lot of credit for all the work they do.

My question is this.
My range or area of travel is basically from the Atlantic to the Midwest ie Wichita, Ks and south to Laredo,Tx.

Not knowing how much work is involved I wonder if some POI's covering from coast to coast could be made available in an East and a West section.

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How to build a POI list from a directory?

Hi, first time caller. I was just wondering, I have a few large lists of lists of addresses (one is my contacts list, another is one I got from the internet, etc.) and I was hoping there was a simple way to geocode them (I think that's the right term) and set them up into a format I can use without having to add each individual one by hand.

Whataburger POI change

The Whataburger in Prescott, AZ (below) is now closed :'(

-112.460316 34.541703 Whataburger 715 E Gurley St Prescott AZ 86301 (928) 778-0450

How do I report this so the POI is updated?

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Error with - Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives PLUS [CSV]

Ok, I am a noob... but I think the "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives PLUS [CSV]" has an error with it.

I downloaded and when I went to view it the CSV file only had nine (9) entries.

Let me know if the file is ok or if THIS noob just has no idea what he is doing.

Thanks for the help.


Geo Coded Photos, and Locations to map and match up

I have a bunch of photos that are geo coded, AND I have a bunch of locations with lat/lon. I want to match them up. The lat/lon have names. So if I can place them on a map together, I can rename the photos to the locations.

Google Earth has too many other things cluttering up the screen. Would like to start with a clean slate, load both onto a map, and start renaming the pictures.

POI Directional & Radius Alerts

When creating a POI .csv file is it possible to specify the direction for an alert? Also, is it possible to specify the radius for an alert? How do I do this in manually creating a .csv file. I've searched and searched the internet for this information and can't find anything. I'm new to this so this may be "not-so-smart" questions so forgive if they are. Thanks for your help.

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Lat and Long

I downloaded POI files and opened them to see how to edit them. When I copy and paste the Latitude and Longitude into Google Maps, they seem to be backwards.
(Google shows me something in South America or somewhere else). If I reverse the order of the numbers, it shows me the right place.

to many waypoints in route file

loaded custom routes using mapscource, when importing from my data folder i received this error,the file your importing has to many waypoints ?

anyone know how many is to many ? question
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