Creating POI files


McDonald's Drive-Thru

Hi friends,
I'm new to the forum. I'm working on a project. I would like to know which McDonald's Restaurant in the U.S that have Drive-Thru's. I've seen the information on McDonald's PlayPlaces, but did not see any on Drive-thru's. Does anyone have that information available to share with me? Thanks for your help. Cheers,

- Gene

Can POIs be combined?

I would like to combine the Oregon and Washington campground POIs into one file. Can it be done easily?

Garmin Nuvi 200w, 2555LM

file naming

I'm having a devil of a time getting proximity alerts to work on my Nuvi.

I've had this device for two years and read most of the posts on the topic on this forum. I thought I was doing it right, but I'm still not getting the alerts.

Do the POI files need to be in .csv format, or can they be .gpx?

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PSF file format???

I'm considering getting a JVC HU. They have program which creates files in PSD format which get uploaded as POI files.

I have no idea how to convert a file into that format.

Does anyone have any thoughts.

Google tells me psd is normally photo shop format.


waypoint loading from an SD card

I often have to respond to places and go to many locations within the area to conduct damage assessments. Which GPS would be the best (easiest) to use to
A) Compile a waypoint set on a PC using CSV editor, text editor, or Excel
B) Place that file on an SD card, and
C) Load those locations to the GPS to find them.

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Kohls USA

The Kohls USA poi file listed a store in downtown Portland. No such location. Who uploaded this? Please correct.

Convert gpx to csv or xls

I am brand new to this site and NOT technically inclined at all. I need help converting the gpx file to a csv or xls file that I can manipulate. I downloaded the USA Kroger file (gpx) but need only Kroger stores in one state, so I need an xls file to manipulate and then upload into Google Earth Pro.

Extra POI Editor - Conversion Problems

I'm using Extra POI Editor to edit the Diner's Drive-in's & Dives POI. The thing is that I had a Garmin which uses GPX format and now I have a TomTom which uses OV2 format. The GPX version uses the street, city state and other fields, but when I save it as a OV2 for TomTom it strips out all the data fields except the Name & Phone number.

Does anyone know of a better conversion program?

Have existing Custon POIs loaded on GPS Nuvi 3790T,.

Hi, and thanks a head of time for any help.

Dynamically Generate GPX from ASP page?

Hi, I maintain a web page of motorcycle shops in the NYC area ( and thought it would be cool to have a link on the page that could generate a GPX file based on current information in the database behind that web page.

I understand that GPX is just plaintext XML. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the formatting of the XML.

Is there an easy way to convert addresses into coordinates?

Exactly like the title says, I have a database of customer addresses and would like to add them as POIs. Is there any method to convert their addresses or do I have to find them on Google Maps and manually enter the coordinates?

Extra POI Editor Problems

So I finally downloaded Extra POI Editor as I wanted to create some new POI's. I've had nothing but trouble with it. I ran the initial v.5.30 installer to get the OCX library files and then ran the v.5.32 installer which is the latest version. So at this point I wanted to test it.

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change highway mile marker to Lat/Long for poi

I have from search on the web, mile markers for both eastbound and westbound service centres located on Highway 401 in Ontario that I would like to make into a POI but am at a loss - any suggestions?

How to increase accuracy

Hello everyone, I recently started my first project. It covers all of the Mason lodges in the state of Indiana.

Uploading my POI file

Hi, I have just finished creating my 1st POI file for my TomTom as an .ov2 file. Now I wanted to share it but I can't figure out how to upload it as its not a .csv file.
Any pointers would be apprectiated.

This is a new file for public access CNG stations as of Jan 2012 in California.

where are my custom alerts sounds?

okay, I'm at a loss. I have followed all the instructions for downloading the red light camera locations including naming "bit map" and "custom sound" files all the same. I loaded from this site the "you are approaching a red light camera" and "slow down, speed trap ahead" with poi loader but still just get 2 beeps?

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I am using Nuvi 2595 I created Poi files and would like to create a ALERT SOUND. My Nuvi 2595 doesn't use mp3 format I would like to use the wav format. I can't seem to get it done. Could someone help me.


things for kids (visiting Georgia)

I’m looking for things that children age 5 years to 10 years old can do in Union county and Fannin county Georgia in June 2012

Geocoding Errors ...

I just noticed that GPS Visualizer is returning identical
lat:lon's for addresses that are ~7 miles apart.

So I did a test; resending it the same address multiple
times ... and getting multiple lat:lon's.

Anyone else notice this nonsense? This really wrecks my
effort to my additions to the free-WiFi file.

Dunno if the problem is theirs; or, the Yahoo(?) back-end
that they use.

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First Post - Modifying existing GPX files

Before you ask, I did read MANY of the FAQ's, the Beginner Lessons and searched but evidently I'm not using the correct term. I downloaded and put onto my Garmin 2595 a couple of the smaller POIs for practice. They are both ESCAPEES campground locations. One was a CSV and the other a GPX file type.

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