Creating POI files


Unable to Upload Updates

I've got a new edition of the Free WiFi files. For the
past two [2] days ... I've been unable to upload the

The upload session times-out.

I've tried two different computers, both running XP.
Also tried three different browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera)

I spend 80% of my money on airplanes & beer. The rest is wasted.

Microsoft Script Errors

When I bring up Movie Locations.csv in EPE, for the purposes of doing global proximity alerts, I get a Microsoft Script Error, and EPE aborts.

Anyone else get this? Anyone know how to fix it?

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Given a choice for downloading, what are the pro's and con's for each format for POI files?

Is there any reason why CSV POI files aren't also posted as GPX?

Assigning proximity alerts in batches

I have tried searching but cannot find this. I would like to take a file such as a rest stop file and assign the same 3 mile proximity alerts to all the rest stops in the file. I do not want to have to go through each POI separately. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

Best place to represent a location?

There are tools to generate coordinates from a list of addresses, but what if you are physically at the location and want to capture the coordinates?

Where is the best place for the coordinates? At the front door of the establishement? At the entrance to the parking lot? At the closest point on the nearest main road?

Jim F.

Pickleball - Places to play

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing AMERICAN sports today. The lists where to play on a sloppy excel spreadsheet. Can anyone create a POI from this? Right now I must add these 1 at a time as I'm still too new to create a POI file. I prefer GPX but can convert.

Thanks... this is my first post.

POI Shell Icon little red square?

My GPS doesn't show any (proper) POI for Shell Gas stations ( in western BC) ( Standard OIL ( Chevron) does show ) all other stations is just a little black pump .. But never received the Shell POI., I was fortunate enough for someone to guide me here to this site, and I installed the Shell POI .., but today noticed instead of the colorful Yellow shell it is just a 'square red box' ..

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POI Verifier

Gee, I have been away for a year or more... and things change so fast. The POI Verifier program I used will not work on my Windows 7 (64 bit) machine. I understand that the web site is shut down due to the contributers health problems. Is there any way I can get a copy of POI Verifier that will work on Windows 7?

Hope this isn't off topic....


NUVI 885-T POI files change name when uploaded to unit?

How can I change the name of a POI file so when I install on Garmin 885-T so I can install nore than one to chose the one I want?

icons on nuvi 3590

How come I can't see the icon symbols of the different locations I have downloaded...Some only have dots instead of the business's symbol?

HOW TO LOAD RLC on units using iGO navigation software

A number of aftermarket car head units use iGO (or Primo) navigation software. I just bought an Advent (Audiovox) unit.

1) File Format: X,Y,TYPE,SPEED,DirType,Direction separated by , but saved with txt extension. 3 is the dirtype code of a red light camera. Most RLC files, including the ones in this site, don't have directional information. In those cases the record ends with 3 zeros.

poi files,car speakers and red light cameras

I recently purchased a Garmin 1390LMT from Costco.
I previously had a nuvi760 which I just loved because of what it will do.

I noticed the 1390LMT does not have an output jack so you can you use your car speakers.any solution to this?
Also can POI and redlight/speed camera data and sounds be loaded on to this unit? If so do do you load it to the microsd card?

Me Bigmac

RVND 7710 CVS Format

On my garmin I used "br" to create line breaks. On my new RVND 7710, it seems it does not need these "br". My question is what should I replace them with?
What is the optimum format for the RVND 7710?

Also How do I delete an entire Custom POI folder?

Tourguide mode?

I have some POI's loaded on my memory card. I want them to alert when im in proximity. Do I have to go in and change all the filenames with the word "tourguide" in there somewhere?


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Same Coordinates

Just happened to run across this in Garmin.

A recent thread was asking about the same POI in built-in and Custom POI. Based on this, the number of duplicate coordinates is not a problem.

"What is the maximum number of points that can have the same coordinate location in a single custom POI file?


SOX error?

The last two times I reloaded my custom POI files, the same wav file runs with every alert. That is, no matter which custom coordinate I get near, the same wav file runs. The pop-up alert is correct. I think the wav file is the last one in my directory, which makes it the last one handled by SOX.

Running Windows XP and 3/4/12 version of SOX.

NUVI40 Kingsport TN

How to attache a POI icon to a csv file

Hey guys and gals, I am stuck. How on earth do you take an icon from the POI library and attach it to what, to make it show on the trip mapping. I am using RV Road Trip Navigator and am pleased but when I loaded some poi's in csv form I gots the biggest mess of flags. end to our way....jim

No End To Our Way

WAV Volume

My alert .wav files are not as loud as the voices. Is there a way to increase the volume of the wav files while not increasing the volume of the voices?

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Looking for a way to get street address, city, state from these lists...

I'm new to this site and the idea of geocoding and I am in love. This site and community are spectacular. I'm looking for a way to get the address, city and state out of these POI files (lat/lon/name). Is there a free way to batch convert them all? Thank you community.

Creating a POI in text edit?

Hi, I took a look at a csv file with POIs. And I did the same (i though) but it didnt turn out right. I did it in textedit. Can anyone take a look:


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11 12 13 14 ... 20 30 68
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