BMP File Management and Initial Download


Hello all !

First post so hope I don't mess up protocol. I was wondering - is there any way to download the BMP library all at once so that I can simply grab them as needed from a folder in my PC when I want to work with them? Also, to the extent that I want to download newer ones that come along, how can I tell what date they have been added to the library (any date function I'm missing)? Finally, when I do open a BMP in my Firefox browser, I have to do the File Save As which is a great way to kill time if I were in prison but sure wipes out more time than I would like here at home. Is there a simpler (i.e. faster) way to save them?




The icons available are located at.
In Firefox, the only way to save is the "right click save as". You might want to go to IE which will be a little faster. Most users only take what they want/ need. The Icon is usually downloaded (if available) when you get the POI.
Maybe someone else can give feedback on the dates.

Nuvi 2460LMT.