Creating POI files



I need to delete my Custom Poi from my Garmin 855. I don't need them any more.

3790LMT; 2595LMT; 3590LMT, 60LMTHD

How to combine or blend POI files?

I was trying to blend the Home Depot, Menards and Lowes POI files into one, but even a simple cut and paste by column fails completely - I've written quite a few Excel spread sheets and am flummoxed by my utter failure in this seemingly simple task.


POI attractions and activities

Hi There .... this is my 1st post and forgive me if this question doesn't belong here.

We want to find a global POI database to populate a website that relates hotels to POI [ tourism specific ] in a text format. Examples of this can be seen here : [ see points of interest and attractions ]

Importing Into Extra_POI_Loader

Garmin POI format

I have an Excel file that contains Addresses, phone numbers and a name for each address. Is there a way that I can create a csv file and load it into Extra_POI_Loader and then do a "Batch Geocoding" to get the Longitude and Latitude for each location?
Example: Location name,street,city,state,phone #

Garmin 255W POI Files

I have downloaded the Wal-Mart .csv file the Wal-Mart .wav file (255w does not support mp3) and the Wal-Mart .bmp file and use POILoader to install on my nuvi 255W. All the file names, except for the extensions are the same. The POILoader states that I have a successfully installed the POI's.

Add Proximity Alerts, Keep Comments CSV to GPX for Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

Good day!

I have tried just about every application and procedure (I am using a Mac but I also use PCs) but I have failed.

I would like to take a CSV file (specifically the Rest Area Combined or selected Rest Area files) and send the data to my Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx with 2 mile (3218.688 meters) proximity alerts.

Foreshortened Alert

My redlight camera mpg alert is being foreshortened. Like, "Approaching redlight Ca".

Is there something in the poi or alert that causes this. I considered the priority for the alerts but do not think that is the issue.

The redlight pois are manually loaded specifying a proximity distance, 1960 ft.

It is consistent at all locations.

Any suggestions?

How to contact an originator of a POI .gpx file

A am the owner of a web page that lists a group of local wineries in a region of the US. An experienced POI user created a .gpx file using some out of date information, and there are several new wineries now in the region. Is there a way I can e-mail this person to let them know about the update?


I am having troubles trying to use the POI_EDITOR. Everyone else seems to do OK so I'm sure I have missed some setting.
- Downloaded the EDITOR
- Tried to edit gpx files produced by viamichein.
- Opened multiple files using the OPEN/APPEND commands
- The listing screen is inactive, no listing of the files and the arrows are blank

using VISA

Any help would be appreciated



Import Outlook Contacts??? Can it be done.....

I'm using Extra POI and I want to import all of my Outlook contacts (or more specifically merge my contacts with my with my existing GPX file) and can't seem to figure out if and how it can be done. I realize I need to:

1. Export my contacts as CSV I presume.
2. Setup the CSV (xls) in the correct format for my Garmin to read (i.e. set proper column order, etc...)
3. Convert CSV to GPX

Nuvi 360

Do custom sounds for prox alerts work on garmin XT's (nokia)?

posted similar ? in the garmin section, will see if anyone here knows. i created some custom redlight/speed cam prox alerts w/ sounds and uploaded them without problems. but only the default alert 'ding' works when i approach a cam. my XT doesn't use the custom sound i wanted to put up.

Display All POIs From a POI Set On 60CSx Map Screen?

Can anyone tell me if there's a way to display all of my POIs contained in a POI set on my map as an overlay?

I can create the POI set ok and transfer it to my GPS but I can not figure out how to enable the POI set to dispaly so I see all of the POI icons from the custom database while in the map screen.

Google Earth

How would you include all of the locations from google earth to save as a file. For instance if you wanted to search all bowling alleys in indiana the search comes up with quite a few but will only display A-J. There are plenty more below that I can bring up but how do I save them all to a file so I can make a POI.

Desperate Navigon 2200T User

Hi All,

I bought Navigon 2200T after doing research at an unbelievable bargain price of $69. I thought I made my research well, but after having the real unit on my hand, I realized that Navigon had pulled out of NA; leaving us without support. The unit so far is the best features I have seen in GPS units, so I tend to keep it.

Too Many Columns error

I created a POI file (OVC Sports Venues) a year ago and it has worked fine on my Nuvi. In attempting to upgrade it, the system found an error, saying that it had "too many columns" in some entries. I removed blank lines and re-loaded the file. Now the system gives the same error and shows only one entry rather than the 15-20 that it should have.

Garmin nuvi 260w, iPod, Hyundai Genesis, Macintosh

uploading excel wal mart stores

I have access to monthly updates for all Walmarts in an excel doc. Previous downloads have been inaccurate and this one is official What do I need in the colums to upload it?

What happens after you upload the POI file to the website?

Hey all,

I've search for this answer and couldn't find it.

Icons and sounds

I have a stupid question. I have a nuvi 350 and I have downloaded approximately 27 poi's. Only 4 off them are displaying icons. I have downloaded all of these from the poi factory along with icons, and where applicable, sounds. My question is this: even though I have downloaded all of these from the poi factory site, do I have to change the bmp files and mp3 names to match the csv files.

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Chick Fil A

Anybody ever thought about compiling Chick Fil A as a new poi file. I don't know if they are found throughout the USA but they are the best chicken chain in the Houston area.

Search the "Description" field

As I learn how to create POI files using Extra PIO Editor, I started thinking about all the possiblities. I tried adding information to the "Description" field and then searching on it from the garmin, but it didnt fidn anything, it only seems to search on the name field.

Are there any other fields that the garmin (265WT) can search on or is it just limited to the name field?

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