POIs from the NYS DEC files


Hello, I just transformed some of the KMZ files offered by the NYS DEC:

Here they are:

Since the NYS DEC publishes their data in KMZ files, I wrote an Asp.Net Web Application that downloads the KMZ file, extracts the KML file, and uses XSL to transform the KML points to CSV files. I posted the source here if anyone's interested:


Edit: I also have it all in a ZIP file if you'd like it, it might be easier to view that way.


CSV naming

I noticed on my Garmin that it uses the file names for the POI category. I'll rename them to something a bit more useful. Does anyone know what characters are allowed, or should I just use some trial and error with my own device?



All files refreshed

All files have been refreshed with latest data and been given more useful names. I've also added a disclaimer to the descriptions as requested by the NYS DEC.


Great job on your project. I

Great job on your project. I am so sorry it took me so long to post it.

Miss POI


Thanks! and no prob for the delay! grin