please help (creating poi file)


please help creating poi fie for garmin

here are the locations

Marché aux puces Jean-Talon de Charlesbourg
1750 rue du Périgord, Québec
Québec, Canada, G1G 5X3

Marché aux puces métropolitain
6245 boul. Métropolitain E., Saint-Léonard
Québec, Canada, H1P 1X7

Les Encans St-Zotique
170 rue Principale, Saint-Zotique
Québec, Canada, J0P 1Z0

Marché aux puces Saint-Hyacinthe
5110 rue Martineau, Saint-Hyacinthe
Québec, Canada, J2R 1T9

Finnegan's Market
775 ch. Main, Hudson
Québec, Canada, J0P 1H0

Marché aux puces Carignan
2375 ch. Chambly, Carignan
Québec, Canada, J3L 4N4

Marché aux puces de la Mauricie
1463 av. Cloutier, Shawinigan
Québec, Canada, G9N 8G7

Marché aux puces du Ciné-Parc Saint-Eustache
555 Avenue Mathers, Saint-Eustache
Québec, Canada, J7P 4C1

Marché aux puces Lesage inc.
2845 boul. Labelle, Prévost
Québec, Canada, J0R 1T0

Lachute Farmers Market
25 rue Principale, Lachute
Québec, Canada, J8H 3R8

Marché aux puces Le Toit bleu
1300 rte 131 N., Saint-Félix-de-Valois
Québec, Canada, J0K 2M0

Marché aux puces Bromont
16 rue Lafontaine, Bromont
Québec, Canada, J2L 2S9

Marché public de Sainte-Foy
929 av. Roland-Beaudin, Québec
Québec, Canada, G1V 4H8

Marché de l'Encan MJT Larose
110 rue Georges, Gatineau
Québec, Canada, J8M 1A2

any help would be appreciated


Convert Addresses with a Geocoder

I am not sure what type of help you are looking for, but I assume it is to convert these street addresses into Latitude and Longitude coordinates. If that is the case, you should use a geocoder like GPS Visualizer. I copied your list, changed the addresses so that each one was on a single line, and pasted the listing into GPS Visualizer. After running the conversion, it LOOKS like all the coordinates are correct (Lachute Farmers Market is somewhere in Lachute, the St. Eustache drive-in is in St Eustache, etc.).


could you email all those coordinates to me?


Geocoding help

alofficial wrote:

could you email all those coordinates to me?

Hi alofficial

Download Extra POI Editor, follow link to TurboCCC's post.

It will do geocoding for you.

thank you

thank you both very much


Problem with Street Addresses

All programs used for geocoding estimate where street addresses are. The coordinates of the nearest cross streets are known, but the position of the address is estimated between cross streets.

To make up for this somewhat I use Google Earth, which has an overhead photo view, and for many locations, what they call Street View where you can actually see buildings. You can then decide if the coordinates it suggests are accurate or not. Nothing beats being there with the GPS.


Perhaps try this

alofficial wrote:

please help creating poi fie for garmin

Build a POI file with Google Earth

STEP 1: Start Google Earth. If you do not have Google Earth, then:
a) Go to to download Google Earth. You will have to agree to Google’s Term of Service. BUT you probably do not want to include Google Chrome in the download. It is up to you. When you click on “Agree and Download”, you will be taken to another screen. Internet Explorer will likely give you the “yellow bar” telling you that it has blocked something. Click on the “yellow bar” and click “Download file”. Save the file wherever you usually save downloads.
b) Install Google Earth
c) When Google Earth is up and running, click in the Menu bar on Tools > Options and you should be on the “3D View” tab. In the “Show Lat/Long” pane, change the selection to “Decimal Degrees”. Click “Apply”, then click “Ok”.

STEP 2: Input data on the addresses you specified above.
a) Start with entering your own address in the “Fly To” box just to get a feel for what the screen will look like. Google Earth will zoom in about 4,000 ft on a side.
b) As you move the cursor into the map, it will change from a pointer to a hand. Notice that, as you move the hand, the latitude/longitude at the bottom of the map adjusts. Put the hand on the address you selected.
c) Write down the longitude and then the latitude - exactly the reverse of the way it is shown on the screen. Why? POI files of the .csv type start with longitude and then latitude. Note that the longitude probably has a minus sign before it.
d) Repeat for your other addresses

STEP 3: Build a .csv POI file which we will call FirstPOI.csv. The simplest files have one row of data for each location and 3 values in each row:

  1. longitude
  2. latitude
  3. name

You can add an optional fourth column for a comment/description. In this case, the four values in each row are arranged:

  1. longitude
  2. latitude
  3. name
  4. comment (which might include the address)

For the name and comment values, it is best to always enclose them in quotation marks so that any special characters are interpreted as text
a) Open Notepad or Wordpad.
b) Enter a row of values for each of the addresses you entered in Step 2 above

Here are some example rows:
-85.206844,35.008629,"Walmart","Skurlock Rd & Cornelison Rd"
-85.217847,34.998767,"Parkridge East Hospital","941 Spring Creek Rd"
-85.209434,34.989596,"Portofina Pizza","6407 Ringgold Rd"
-85.211035,34.981610,"Sunset Market","1810 Mack Smith Rd"

c) Save the file by clicking, in the Menu, on File > Save As; then, in the File Name, enter “FirstPOI.csv”. Enclosing the File Name in quotation makes sure that you get that exact name without any other extension (like .txt) added.
d) You have now created a POI file.

To add to post about Google

To add to post about Google Earth.There is another way to do every thing on the same screen on Google Earth and save the file as a kml file.Then converting using Extra Poi Editor to a csv or gpx.See (link no longer available) .If I need to tweet the coordinates I use the grab method on EPE.

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WOW! Turbo added Twitter!

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If I need to tweet the coordinates I use the grab method on EPE.

Sorry Charley, I couldn't resist! We know you meant tweak.

Illiterate? Write for free help.

No I tweet mine .You got me.

No I tweet mine razz .You got me.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. Android Here WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS.

How Tweet It Is!

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Oh Sure

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charlesd45 wrote:

If I need to tweet the coordinates I use the grab method on EPE.

Sorry Charley, I couldn't resist! We know you meant tweak.

.....make me feel even older than I already feel. Now I'm learning that "they" have tweaked the meaning of tweak. Cool..... LOL

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