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New GPS in Town

Good Ratings and price, 11 Million POI's.


Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

In Dash GPS Unit

I would be interested to know how the various GPS units now being offered as factory installed options compare. I can offer the information that the one in the 2007 Mercedes is superior to the one in the 2004 Jaguar. (faster processing and better routing) As I remember, they both ran about $2200 which will buy a Garmin with all the extras.

nuvi 785 nuvi 350, nuvi 270, GTM 20, jag in dash, mercedes in dash.

Downloading Tracks, Waypoints, POI's, etc from your DNX7100

Well, this is actually really easy.

First, you'll need some items to make this work successfully.
1. USB cable with a mini usb connection on one side and a regular connection on the other.
2. Laptop with a USB in and running Mapsource. (or a really long USB cable to connect to your normal computer)
3. If you have XM, you'll probably need a Y USB splitter.

Running Topo Maps on your Kenwood DNX7100 (Garmin)

I hope I put this in the right forum. I like to hit the dirt as often as possible so the street maps don't always work. I discovered this trick for running topo on my Kenwood and thought I'd pass it along. I would imagine that this will work on most Garmin devices but can't give a list on what does and doesn't work.

Jensen NVX line - do not buy

First - I do not want anybody to think I hate them or want to put them down. I am just posting to let everybody know what I was told by their own customer support.
Last X-mass I received a NVX200. Looked nice and even ran nice. The one thing I noticed was the my four year old house was missing. Yep.. I found out that the maps are about 5 years old.

uploading poi to delorme pn20

how do i upload poi's to my pn20

Custom POIs for Knight Rider Mio

Has anyone figured out how to add custom POIs to the Knight Rider Mio? I found a poi folder with multiple files with .map extentions.

navigon fresh maps

Don't see this posted anywhere. For those with a Navigon, MacMall has a 3 year subscription to the Navigon fresh maps for about $15 plus shipping. I ordered two of them and got them in 3 days. This is normally around $60.

POI updates for Route 66 VRGP430WBC Roadmaster VR3

HI, Does any one know if updates are avail for my unit listed above. I live in Canada and the unit does not show any of the local Wal Marts with-in 150 miles, there are 5. I live in Penticton BC which is in western canada. How would I load a new or add to the existing data base of POI? How can I tell if there is enough memory in the unit to accept additional downloads.?

Eclipse GPS

My Boss has an Eclipse AVN6600 in his truck,I was telling him about POI Factory and the custom poi files available for my Nuvi 760.Is there any way to put custom files on his unit? I believe you update unit with a cd.
Thanks for reading.


Anybody know of any of the Navigon line of products that will accept coordinates? I have e-mailed them, and asked specifically about the 2200T, and they replied that it will not allow coordinates input. Also, any comments about this brand will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance....... Joel

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Becker Traffic Assist

Any one have experience with or a review of the Becker Traffic Assist units?

Route 66 sync

Has any one installed and used Route66 Sync to update their sat nav, wanted to use it for updates and voices for my chicago 6000 but for some reason its not compatable,does anyone have any ideas how i can get hold of these voice files

Blaupunkt travel pilot 700

Has anybody else seen this article? What are your opinions about this device? Check link: http://www.navigadget.com/index.php/2008/08/28/blaupunkt-tra...



GPS upgrade

I presently use a Garmin 330. In choosing to upgrade what would be some suggestions that would be recommended to look for in other brands and models. Or, from experience, what other brand would be superior to the Garmin.

How to load SONY NV-U83T

Hi I am new. I am a NYC fireman and I would like to load the POI file with all of the locations of FDNY firehouse to my SONY NV_U83T. Any Help?

Route 66 Chicago 6000 ( uk )

Hi, as a sat nav newbe can any one tell me where or how to down load voices for my sat nav.had hoped to use Route 66 sync for the voices but it does not work with the 6000
Many thanks

Motorola Q9h AT&T

I have had the Motorola Q for about 2 months now and with the old Windows mobile 6.0 operating system you had to either subscribe to the AT&T Navigator or apply a couple of hacks to force the GPS to work.

I just updated it to the new Windows Mobile 6.1 and reloaded Google Maps and Microsoft Live. To my surprise the GPS has been unlocked. No need for a couple of hacks to get it to work!

Garmin nuvi 2455LMT (wife uses nuvi 255w) (sold C330)

Mio C320 is $129 at Staples.com

Mio C320 is on sale at Staples.com. Even though I already own a Garmin 760, I bought one. Mio is highly customizable with many hacks and skins.

Garmin Nuvi 760 User

Nokia N810 is it worth as a GPS?

Hi all,

I'm contemplating buying a new gadget... Nokia N810.
Has anyone had any experience with it?
I'll be very grateful for any kind of feedback!


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