Downloading Tracks, Waypoints, POI's, etc from your DNX7100


Well, this is actually really easy.

First, you'll need some items to make this work successfully.
1. USB cable with a mini usb connection on one side and a regular connection on the other.
2. Laptop with a USB in and running Mapsource. (or a really long USB cable to connect to your normal computer)
3. If you have XM, you'll probably need a Y USB splitter.

What we're going to do is use the XM mini USB connection that comes out of the back of the Kenwood as our connection to our computer.

In order to do that, we need to remove the Kenwood from the dash. Don't go all crazy and disconnect everything, just pull everything out far enough so we can access this cable:

This should be fairly easy to do, took me about 15 minutes. From there, plug a USB cable into the mini jack and string that cable through to a glove box or wherever you want, just make sure that its easily accessible.

Put your dash back together.

Now, start your engines, plug the USB cable into the computer. Within a few seconds it should find the new device and install it automatically. You may need an internet connection to do that. I was still connected to my wireless at the time.

Start up Mapsource and click the "Receive from device" button.

Within a few seconds it should download all your tracks, waypoints, POI's, Routes, etc you have saved in the device.

I have tested this with my Track Logs I recorded using the device. To make a track log with device go to Tools > My Data > Track log. Turn on recording. This is explained on page 19 of the Garmin Manual that came with your Kenwood DNX7100.

I haven't been able to figure out a way to upload tracks, just download them...if anyone knows how to do that I'd be very grateful. This does work for uploading poi's and waypoints though.

Also, when you plug the DNX7100 into your computer the dnx7100 screen switches to a blue screen with the options USB mass drive, garmin screen, or something along those lines. I didn't choose any of these options, just did everything through Mapsource.