Anyone Have Navigon 7200T Yet?


Wondering if any of you have one of these units yet and how you like it.

Got mine a couple of days

Got mine a couple of days ago. Have used it around town a little but haven't taken it out for a long trip yet.

Its very differnt from Garmin or Tomtom. Routing seems good although not as many options as Garmin or TT.

The POI database is absolutely horrible. It is the smallest of any GPS I have ever used. There are no home depots, Targets, doctors, dentists, gyms, health clubs.

The worst part is that you only have 3 search options as well, NEARBY, CITY or STATE.

NEARBY - as expected but only a very small radius of your current location

CITY - Not NEAR the city but in that city only. A POI outside city limits by 100 feet or the next town over is not included. An example, the Palisades Mall near me is too far to be included in NEARBY. If I do a search by CITY, which I believed to be NYACK, I get no hit. When I found the address is actually WEST Nyack, the 7200T found the mall. I had to do web research to find the correct address. If I was travelling and in a location totally foreign to me, I would never have been able to find the mall.

STATE - Only some categories are listed under STATE. It is totally worthless in my eyes.

Thanks egale

Thanks for the honest review egale!

I know that the 2100Max, etc. have a small POI database, but I thought the 7200T was supposed to have a lot more.

Please let me know what you find out after you've used it a little more.

Can you add POIs to it?

Had you downloaded any POIs from this site and were you able to add POIs to your unit?

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re: Can You Add POIS To It.

SamNC wrote:

Had you downloaded any POIs from this site and were you able to add POIs to your unit?

SamNC, I don't have any experience with Navigon units, but it looks like you can add POI's to them with 3rd Party software.

Check out

I'm not sure that this software will work with the 7200T or if the 7200T uses different software than the older Navigon units.


Other than the small POI, it's probably the best GPS I have owned so far.

The faster processor makes a lot of difference. The map scrolls very smoothly and no lag. It recalculates route almost instantly. I had my Nuvi 350 along and before it can say "recalculating", the new route is already available. It uses the same map source as Garmin. The 3 years map update is only $30.

I thought Reality View was kind of a gimmick, but it really worked out well. The voice directions are more detail than my 350. And traffic info are actually reliable

It's still not perfect, but very close.


Thanks, Ein for the review.

I'm still amazed at the dearth of reviews since these units became available. Still nothing on the main GPS sites, CNet, etc.

The reviews on have been mostly positive. Some still complain about the small fonts, etc.


Yes, the fonts are small, but readable. Hopefully it will be adjustable in future update or user hack. The software is running in Windows mobile. Unlike Garmin which only displays the name of main streets. The 7200T displays the name of every street on the screen. It can be nuts sometimes. smile The feature can be turned off.


Like you say, the small fonts sound like something that could be improved with new software.

Sounds like a nice unit. Enjoy! smile

We don't have that many roads around here. The Garmin normally lists the names of the roads I'm coming up to, unless they're one of the many dirt roads to nowhere around here. I haven't really seen a problem on the map display with nearby streets. Seems fine to me.