How do I take a Screenshot on my Garmin Device


How do I take a Screenshot?

Enabling the screenshot (perhaps called "screen capture") feature on a Camper/RV, dezl, dezlCam, LIVE, nuvi, nuviCam, StreetPilot c500, or zumo series device will allow you to take a picture of the current screen on the device. This is very useful for troubleshooting purposes. For example, if you are receiving an error message on the device, you can use the screenshot feature to take a picture of the message.

To enable the screenshot feature on the device:

1. Touch Tools (Skip this step on some devices)
2. Touch Settings
3. Touch Display
4. Touch On for some devices or Enabled for others
5. Touch OK or Done

Once you have enabled the screenshot feature, you can take a picture of the screen by touching the camera icon that now appears in the upper right corner of the screen or by pressing the physical button on the device as directed by the on-screen instructions.

To view the screenshot on the computer:

1. Connect the device to a computer with a USB data transfer cable
2. Open an Explorer window
3. Double-Click on the Garmin device
4. Double-Click on the Screenshot or SCRN folder
Within this folder you will be able to view and utilize your screenshot images

Screenshot images can be saved to your computer or emailed to Garmin Product Support for troubleshooting purposes.