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Mazda Navigation

I recently bought a 2016 Mazda-3, and I'm entertaining the idea of purchasing an SD card to activate the on-board navigation. I can get a card for $90 from Amazon with three years of free updates.

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Corvette Format

There is a list of formats in your profile for this site but the GM Corvette navigation system is not listed. Anybody know which format to use for the GM Corvette system?

Ford Sync3 update

Just a heads up to any Ford owners out there that have the Sync3 system in their vehicles, there is an update to version 3.0 that came out in March.
You have to go to the Ford owner web site and download the update to a USB memory stick then plug it in to your car system. Quite a long drawn out procedure

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Adding custom POIs to in-dash

Does anyone here know if it is possible to add custom POIs to a 2017 Subaru Outback in-dash GPS? The voice sounds like my Garmin but I really don't know who made it.

Cadillac CUE Navigation system POI support

Will csv POI files downloaded from POI Factory work with the Cadillac CUE Navigation app? Specifically, for me personally, the 2014 SRX

Android based GPS

On another discussion board for motorcycles. There is some discussion about an Android based gps, designed for motorcycles. Waterproof and glove friendly screen etc. Here is a link to the specific model.

Convert Garmin POI's to my Mercedes built in viewer

Is it possible to convert GarminGPX files to a card & download to a Mercedes GPS ? Thanks


Ford Sync3

Does anyone know if it is possible to upload the red light and speed camera files or any POI into the new Ford Sync3 system.
Regular system updates are done wireless as the cars with this system have their own modem.

Nuvi2797LMT,Nuvi1490LMT, Nuvi260,Ford Sync3 Navigation. Captain Cook was a Yorkshire man too.

Acura MDX 2016

Wanted to get verification that I will actually be able to use the red light cvs file for my car....I loaded it onto my USB but it did not work....pretty sure I have to manipulate some column headings but do not want to spend a great deal of time if it will not work.....

How Will Consumers Benefit From Connected Cars?

How Will Consumers Benefit From Connected Cars?


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A learning curve ahead

I just bought myself a new VW Passat TDI Highline (Diesel) and it comes with navigation (RSN 510/810). Getting it next week Tuesday.

This will present me with a new learning curve.

I am quite familiar with my Garmin 855, 2797 and my daughters 3790.

I have no idea who makes the navigation system in this car, though I suspect it may be Navigon?

Anyone familiar with this system ?

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NPR/Science Friday Discussion: Recalculating Global Influence of GPS

Did anyone else catch this with Ira Flatow on Science Friday this afternoon? He interviews a guy who wrote a book on the history of GPS. Somewhat interesting. They also discuss "death by GPS" and the underground bunker in CO.


05/06/2016 >> Recalculating the Global Influence of GPS

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How to Load POIs into a 2016 GMC Sierra

OK, so I bought a 2016 GMC 4WD Sierra SLT Crew Cab. Planning to do some cross country traveling after I retire and we want to travel in style and go anywhere we want to go.

The one I wanted had a NAV system, which I did not want, but the dealer gave me a very good price on the trade-in to help compensate.

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Are POI Factory Files Usable On A 2015 Ford In-Dash GPS?

As the Subject line says - can this be done?

We just got a 2015 Ford Flex with factory-installed GPS for my wife. We had no need for the factory GPS, as my TomTom does everything I want, but the only way to get some other features that my wife demanded was to get a "package" that included the GPS.

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Help!! (Kenwood PSWD)

I do not have the "password" for my kna-6510 Kenwood. What can I do or can anyone help me....it radio will not turn on without the password.....HELP!!

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GPS enabled Dash Cam with Lane Departure & Forward Collision Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a reliable and affordable GPS enabled dash cam with lane departure and forward collision warning safety features built in? I'm not looking for a GPS navigation system - already have that. I'm simply looking for a good dash cam.

HD Infotainment GPS

Has anybody found away to download individual individual POI into this unused friendly GPS


Question for the "build in GPS" owners

While shopping for a new car I have been overwhelmed by the choices of build in GPS's units and have a question for those of you who already own such vehicles/devices.

First, what kind of car do you have and what type of GPS was factory installed into your vehicle? ie: Brand / Software running

Second, do you have to pay a "subscription" fee for your service?

Anyone using a Jeep or Dodge RB1 GPS Navigation Radio

Is anyone still using one of the Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge RB1 GPS Navigation Radios from around 2004 or 2005 ? I believe these were built by Alpine for Chrysler ?

I'm thinking of adding one of these units to my Jeep and was looking for some one with experience with this old radio/nav setups.

here is a sample listing from ebay

Cisco CIUS tablet as GPS?

Good day

Is anyone using an old Cisco CIUS tablet as a GPS ?

I have access to one of these old Android based tablets and was wondering if anyone has tried these out with any open source software as a GPS



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