In Dash GPS Unit


I would be interested to know how the various GPS units now being offered as factory installed options compare. I can offer the information that the one in the 2007 Mercedes is superior to the one in the 2004 Jaguar. (faster processing and better routing) As I remember, they both ran about $2200 which will buy a Garmin with all the extras. I really have no idea what the coverage is, but I suspect just the lower 48. Both use a trunk mounted DVD and both have excellent poi databases. To update the disk in the Jag will set you back a little over $500 and so far the Mercedes is still up to date, so the cost surprise still awaits me. They both acquire the signals extremely fast compared to the 350, The location of the antennae is a mystery to me. Does anyone know where they are hidden? And who makes them? How do they compare to GM, Ford, Toyota ? Who repairs them when they crap out? The good points are they are hard to steal and there are no battery problems. I think the new nuvis offer more bang for the buck now, What are your thoughts?

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Truthfully...for $2200 I'd rather have a new 755 or 765 and buy>

a new gun or watch too smile In dash units that I have seen and manipulated are inferior in every way to the stand alones IMHO except they are harder to steal. My business partner has one in his Yukon...friends have them in their Hondas and Lexi...not very intuitive is my experience.

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If Money Is NO Object...

Save your $$$ and purchase a Nuvi. If something goes wrong with it, you need not bring the whole car in to get it repaired. It is also much easier and less expensive to update...The small patch antenna could be built into the front or rear windshield, much like the am/fm antenna.