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How to load SONY NV-U83T

Hi I am new. I am a NYC fireman and I would like to load the POI file with all of the locations of FDNY firehouse to my SONY NV_U83T. Any Help?

Route 66 Chicago 6000 ( uk )

Hi, as a sat nav newbe can any one tell me where or how to down load voices for my sat nav.had hoped to use Route 66 sync for the voices but it does not work with the 6000
Many thanks

Motorola Q9h AT&T

I have had the Motorola Q for about 2 months now and with the old Windows mobile 6.0 operating system you had to either subscribe to the AT&T Navigator or apply a couple of hacks to force the GPS to work.

I just updated it to the new Windows Mobile 6.1 and reloaded Google Maps and Microsoft Live. To my surprise the GPS has been unlocked. No need for a couple of hacks to get it to work!

Garmin nuvi 2455LMT (wife uses nuvi 255w) (sold C330)

Mio C320 is $129 at Staples.com

Mio C320 is on sale at Staples.com. Even though I already own a Garmin 760, I bought one. Mio is highly customizable with many hacks and skins.

Garmin Nuvi 760 User

Nokia N810 is it worth as a GPS?

Hi all,

I'm contemplating buying a new gadget... Nokia N810.
Has anyone had any experience with it?
I'll be very grateful for any kind of feedback!


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AxionGeo-632 contents of SD card same as Holux 51b?

I found an AxionGeo 632 unit at the swapmeet, there is a guy there that sells all sorts of returned consumer electronics and computer stuff really cheap. $20!

It is missing it's SD Card. I think it's essentially a Holux GPSMile 51b, albeit with somewhat different software. Windows CE 4.2 OS.

valor nav-2 navigation (toyota camry navigation)

anyone know how to load pois into valor nav-2 navigation ?????. it has sd card to update softwares but i can't figure out how to upload pois into it

Navigation software for Pocket PC

I recently bought a bluetooth GPS receiver for my Pocket PC. It doesn't come with navigation software so I wanted to know if there were any cheaper and nicer alternatives to Garmin Mobile XT (presently $99).


Adding customer POI's to NAVIGON

Doesn't anyone know how to do it and not have to pay for an extra program?


Navigon POI Adding???

Seems I read that the Navigon can't take a POI(CVS) addition. True?, or is there a tool for adding points of interest to the Navigon?

GPS For Dummies FD-350

Anyone have any experience with these?

LG Nav

Is there any way to put the poi's into the poi area on the LG LN740. They only go to my places.

Navigon 2100 MAXX

Does anyone have any input on the new Navigon 2100Maxx. Costco has it on sale for $199.99. Seems loaded with features just trying to figure out if they are worth it and I should buy one. Any thoughts from the crew here would be great.


wireless earphone

Does anyone know of a device I can plug into a GPS headphone jack so I can use a wireless headset?

Medion md96820


I just purchased this medion brand unit and stumbled upon the poi factory...I want to download the wal-mart poi, but when I tried, my system would not recognize the file format .csv. My unit uses Gopal Assistant and is looking for a .apd file extension. Is there a way that I can convert? or am I out of luck?

Look forward to a response.

Thanks so much!

Navigon 5100 12V Cig Adapter & Garmin Adapter??

Question, has anyone tried using a 12V power adapter for one manufacturer, on another manufacturer's GPS? I have a Nuvi 660 and a Navigon 5100...is 12V just 12V and the adapters would be safe and OK to inner change to keep from having to change to seperate ones each time?

Faulty Lowrance i350C

I had a i350C that went bad and is no longer under warranty. Any ideas for what I should do with it? Is there any organization that collects and refurbishes old GPS? I would be happy to donate it.

Navigon 2100 Refurbised $94.99


Not much time left!!

Rodney.. oditius.htc@gmail.com BMW Zumo 550 HTC Touch Pro - Garmin XT

Navigon 5100, No United States In Country Pulldown(registration

After my registration and update download, I now can't see the USA in the available countries. Anyone know what's up? NavigonDotCom seemingly doesn't have an e-mail addr for support, you need a login, and that doesn't work either, even though I DID have one.


GPS map data

I just bought a Suzuki XL-7 that came with a dash mounted GPS. Is it possible to load my Mapsource disc instead of the disc that came with the unit?

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