5 Best Car GPS Units


what do you think are the 5 best in-car (windshield mount) GPS units?

It depends

It depends on what you are looking for ?????

A basic unit ????
TTS capability ????
Bluetooth ????
and many more features.

Just so many features to choose from.

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If everyone ....

hollinger1 wrote:

what do you think are the 5 best in-car (windshield mount) GPS units?

If everyone had the same opinion on "the best GPS", there would only be ONE GPS available.


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and that's why I wasn't looking for the SAME opinion, just a few different ones...get it?

Best GPS Car Units

Ok, no one else is saying anything and I'm certainly not an expert, but here's my thoughts.

They are totally just my humble opinion so no flames please. laugh out loud

If you want voice recognition right now the Garmin 8xx series are the only ones that have good VR capability, although I might wait until they incorporate some of the features of the xx5 series.

Garmin-Supposedly the best routing etc. for the most part, but sometimes a little expensive for what you get. Also no way to exclude roads from a route except for the 8xx series and some older models. The 7x5 series have a lot of new features with many copied from the Navigons. A US company.

TomTom-Has some nice features. The maps are from TeleAtlas which aren't supposed to be as good in North America as Navteq. Certain features require a compatible cell phone with data plan which are limited. Company located in Holland.

Magellan-Supposed to be mostly decent units. I hear about some extremely weird routing and some other problems. Good ease of use entering data. Magellan as a company has had problems lately and they haven't announced anything new until recently with the 43xx series. A unit announced many months ago that was to have 2 way connectivity like the Dash Express was shelved. A US company.

Navigon-The new Navigons look promising and have a lot of features, but not much in the way of reviews yet. The older Navigons were praised for their features, but had problems with entering data, routing, slow calculations, etc. and their reviews were not really great. Garmin has copied some of their features in their new series like free lifetime traffic (albeit with ads), and lane assist. Also a European company.

Mio-Not particularly good reviews. Based in Taiwan.

Sony-Has a new series, the x4 series. Not much in the way of feedback or reviews on them yet. The x3 series did not get very good reviews. Based in Japan of course.

Dash Express-Only good for someone that does a lot of commuting in heavy traffic. The best traffic info of all the units with it's 2-way connectivity. Although very promising, unit needs refinements. Future units could really be great. Very large and bulky and missing features. A US company.

Other units Nextar, Plenio, etc.-They may have some good units, and price is good, but support and map updates could be lacking. I would recommend one of the major brands, especially since they have come down so much in price.

Keep in mind that most US companies units are built in China, etc., that the Asian companies maintain US offices that hire people, and some Asian companies like Sony build some products in the US. The company's location is just noted so you can make an informed decision.

I'm sure I missed a lot of things and I'm sure some people will disagree with me, but hope this helps.