Jensen NVX line - do not buy


First - I do not want anybody to think I hate them or want to put them down. I am just posting to let everybody know what I was told by their own customer support.
Last X-mass I received a NVX200. Looked nice and even ran nice. The one thing I noticed was the my four year old house was missing. Yep.. I found out that the maps are about 5 years old.
A bunch of emails later, they kept telling me that an update was coming out soon. They also did not have support to upload poi's..ect..
Now a year later I pressed support and they replied that Jensen discontinued all of their GPS models. For 'sales and market' reasons. The map update is now a 'we do not have any date'
They still sell all of the NVX line. I asked and was told that they do not make it anymore, but the vendors will keep selling it until they run out.
I'm happy to say that I won a Nuvi200 and it is like night and day. (even came loaded with 2009 maps!)

Why did Jenson wander away from music in the first place?

Thanks for the heads-up!


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Thanks for the tip!Sounds

Thanks for the tip!Sounds like the kind of units you'll see on the "hot deal of the day" web sites, where they forget to mention it's discontinued. I'll keep this in mind when checking the bargain shopping sites I go to.