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Download routes from Basecamp or Mapsource 2589

Sorry for another question. Can this be done? Again with my Quest I could do this.

Display all custom POI's on 2589?

Does anyone know if there is a way to display all custom POI's on the map? I miss my Quest. It would do this.

Garmin express update fails

For the latest versions of Garmin Express none of the updates have installed for me. I was able to install 4.0.8 manually with this link I tried to update within 4.0.8 and again it would fail to update. I tried this link again and this time it installed 4.0.11 for me.

No more Mapquest route transfer to Garmin?

I was helping a user over on the Garmin software forums who didn't like BaseCamp but wanted to send a route to her nuvi. I suggested Mapquest and she was happy that it worked yesterday. But trying it today, she didn't get the option to send to GPS. So I checked, and sure enough that option in MapQuest appears to be gone. I also noted the TomTom copyrght at the bottom of the Mapquest map display.

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<cmt> </cmt> went and came back

I update the Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras POI's weekly. In the past, after converting the .csv files to .gpx files using EPE 5.93, there was always a blank comment line ("cmt /cmt") between the "name" and "extensions" fields. Until last week, that is. All of a sudden last week, those lines weren't there anymore. They were gone.

Phil in Mentor, Ohio -- Garmin Nuvi 1450

GE is out

Just updated Garmin Express. I can't find the changelog to find out what is different.

Garmin Nuvi 2450

Garmin 3580LMT refurbished at walmart for $129.98+tax

I was looking for a new GPSr to replace dying 1490T, and found the following refurbished 3580LMT for$129.98 plus tax at Walmart.

Downloading My First POI File

I want to download the Red Light Camera file. This is my first download and I am not sure where to create the Custom POIs folder and its sub folder, Red light camera (documents?). The directions say not to OPEN the download, but to SAVE it. I am uncertain how to SAVE a download to a folder created in documents.
I know this is very basic, but I would appreciate any help.

Garmin 2595 Backup

I am having a problem backing up my Garmin 2595 GPS. My internal storage on my Garmin shows 5.16 gb used. When I show all hidden files on my computer it shows only 372mb that can be backed up. Obviously the map files and possibly other files are not showing and can't be backed up under windows. How can I back up all 5.16 gb of internal storage?

nuvi 2xx7 and 2xx8 software version 4.70 update

Does any one have the change log for the firmware update 4.70? I update my device last night but for got to see what it fixed or change with firmware. I have a 2589LMT.

Choosing a Mass Storage.

When I want to change my Nuvi 2557 to mass storage I have two choices. Mass storage and Mass storage single session. What should I pick?

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Request Input From Nuvi Owners With Voice Command (URGENT)

In an earlier thread member stan393 reported his ASR folder (Voice Command Files) was larger than 3GB and was running out of free space on his Nuvi 2797.
Myself and 2 others have attempted to investigate why so much space is being used and depleting free memory. We still have no definite answer.

Nuvi 2460LMT 2 Units

Got a new computer (how to keep POI's and settings?)

So I got a new computer a few months ago and now I want to update my GPS. My old computer is up at my parent's place and I don't have access to it at the moment. Is there anything I can do to make sure that I can download a map update but also keep all of my POI's and settings for POI alerts?


Nuvi 255W totally dead

I have a Nuvi 255W that I had not charged the battery on in about a year. I plugged it in and the unit is totally dead. Yes I know it is old, but for certain applications I really liked that 255W. Any thoughts on how to resurrect the unit?

Nuvi 2597 Diagnostics

On my 855, I could press/hold the speed display and a Test/Diagnostic screen would come up allowing various tests to be completed and show additional info about the device.

Is there a similar function on the 2597?



DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Why don't Car Mfr's in Dash Navi Systems use Garmin Maps?

Garmin's maps are way better than what comes standard in any automobile. IMHO.

Does anyone legitimately know why?

Go Blackhawks

Garmin 855 keeps crashing

My Garmin 855 crashes almost every day that I use it. It usually works fine for a few hours then it locks up. The only way to get it working again is to remove the battery. Then it's good for awhile again. It does have the latest firmware.
Is there a setting I can change or is it just junk?


Garmin 3790LMT for only $1,924.84 plus shipping

Thought I would Google my 3790LMT just for the heck of it and amongst other sites selling them in the $400+ range found this one for $1,924.84 and couldn't resist passing it on in case someone wants to have the most expensive 3790 ever sold. wink

Maybe I should sell mine?

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Nuvi Devices: Features and Models

I received my first GPS as a gift this year, its a Nuvi 52. At this point, I am just entering addresses directly every time to get directions to a new location, but it appears to have other features I have not tried. I was wondering what are the most popular features? Also I am curious what the differences are between my 52 and the devices that seem to be more common with POI forum contributors.

Info on a dezl 560 wanted

I am considering upgrading to a dezl 560. I have some questions for someone who has one.

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