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Accuracy Comparison: Garmin City Navigator Vs Google Maps

My family and I are on vacation currently in North Carolina. At the moment, I am letting my oldest son,who is 19, and my wife sele t where they want to go, as well as drive and navigate there. My wife selected something on Google maps and directed my son. The Google map was incorrect and now they are back to Garmin CN.

Smartlink Live Traffic - First Fail

For the first time the Live Traffic let me down. I was heading from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg via the Turnpike last Wednesday and was getting some inconsistent warnings about the Turnpike being closed. After I passed the Somerset exit, I stopped in the fuel plaza for a quick fill-up and by the time I tried to exit the road was closed. Live Traffic didn't have the closure yet.

Old Garmins

Is it just me or do a lot of the retail outlets still sell the old versions of the Garmins? I feel like it used to be that the new ones came out and the old ones disappeared but now, a year after the new line came out, best buy and other stores are still selling models that are a few years old!

Android Based Garmin Automobile Navigator

If Garmin were to ever produce an Android based automobile navigator, what apps would you use with it?

Text to Speech

Trying to save a .wav file that I want to create in the Text to Speech program but having some difficulty understanding how to save it to my computer.

Seems that they have taken this feature of the .wav creator away.

Any Ideas?

Garmin Nuvi 3597 Observations

My family and I are on a road trip right now. We left the St. Paul MN area and are currently in Kentucky. I have noticed a few interesting things so far,

-Temperature: I have noticed that the temperature displayed on my Nuvi, Dodge Grand Caravan, and smartphone all seem to vary by a few degrees. Not a big deal, but I find it interesting.

Copy saved locations to new gps

How do I copy saved locations from an old GPS to a new one? Will doing so overwrite the locations I've already saved to the new one?

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Traffic (Compared nuvi 3597 vs Viago)

My family and I are currently on E/B I-94 near Camp Dodge WI. I have my wife driving so that I can compare traffic between my Garmin Nuvi 3597 and Garmin Viago. We just got out of a huge backup. The Nuvi 3597 gave no alert. Then I checked Viago and it had the information. So, if I added the paid traffic app on the Nuvi, would it have had the same information as Viago?

Trip Planner Question

What's the maximum number of points you can put in a route with the 2555LMT Trip Planner?

Accidentally deleted .img files on Garmin Nuvi 250W


I accidentally deleted the base map img files when trying to clear space. The unit now gives the error of "No detailed maps found that support routing".

I contacted Garmin and they say they no longer support the unit but they have confirmed the base map is gone.

Does anyone have the img files from a Nuvi 250W and if so could you please send them to me?

Create a Route Using Favorites as Waypoints?

Using a Nuvi 255W. I tried to search to see if this topic has been covered. Did not find a thread. My apology if I missed one.

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Garmin Tire Pressure Monitors

Well I just got off the phone with garmin and asked about the tire pressure monitors, I have a Zumo 390LM and according to instructions and a dealer I was told that the monitors would only work on metal stems. I didn't know what was meant by metal stems and they explained it;


Map File Sizes on Different Devices

I picked up on a comment from another thread that questioned why the .img map file was a different size on two different devices. I too would like to understand this a little better.

Garmin 2595LMT

Frys has a refurb 2595LMT for $90.
It has "3D Traffic".
We discussed their higher end HD Traffic, but I don't find any reference to what is different. It might be the 'regular' garmin traffic.

That seems pretty cheap for a 5" LMT unit.

Is has some sort of voice command.

Can anyone who has one of those tell about it?

windows 10 poi download

I just updated to win 10 & tried to download poi files to my normal Garmin folder, but it only lets you download to the download file & you can not move it to the Garmin file. There is no right click to save as to a file. What am I missing ? Thanks

How to transfew waypoints

I would like to transfer waypoints from nuvi 660 to nuvi 65 lmt but don't know how.

Garmin Nuvi 3597

My neighbor is looking for a good price on a brand new Garmin Nuvi 3597. Has anybody seen any good deals lately? When I Froogle it, it looks like they are about $280, brand new in the box.

660 and MapInstall to SD card

So, today I thought I would update my old 660 to the 2016.10 map.

Garmin Express installed the Lower 49 just fine.

Started MapInstall, it defaulted to the "H:" drive, which is my SD card (was empty, except for the Garmin folder) and selected what parts of the maps to install (Canada).

Install occurred with no error messages.

Metricman Nuvi 660, GTM-20 Traffic Receiver Nuvi 3597 GTM-60 Traffic Receiver Williamsburg, VA

Garmin icons shown on the map

I have tried to set wich Garmin icons to bee displayed on the map on my Nuvi 2797th I do not want everyone when I approach a town. it pop up to many banks, petrol stations and other I do not want to see. How can I set this?

Street Pilot III and map question.

I picked up a used Street Pilot III with City Navigator V4.01 and V5 update CD at a flea market and a bunch of extras came with it. I plan to use it with APRS. Maps are to old for navigation.

I called Garmin to transfer the unit and codes to my name. I had to wait a week for them to contact the other person but its now in my name.

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