POI Loader Program Not Starting


A couple users have told me about a strange problem they had with POI Loader 2.4.1 and Windows Vista. (edit: The same issue was later reported by a different user with XP Pro.)

After trying to start the program using:

Start > All Programs > Garmin > POI Loader

Their computer opens a Window that displays the contents of a folder instead of displaying the usual welcome to POI Loader screen.

If they uninstall POI Loader and then attempt to reinstall, they get an error message during the install process:

Cannot create the file c:/garmin/poiloader.exe
A directory with the name already exists. Cancel and then try installing to a different location.


The users were able to fix the problem by stopping the install process and then deleting the c:/garmin/poiloader.exe file from their computer's hard drive.

After deleting the file, they were able to reinstall POI Loader without any errors, and it worked fine for them.


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Thanks for the tip

I've been using various versions of POI loader on my Vista machine without any issues. Perhaps I've been lucky...maybe that luck will rub off on tonight's Poweball results... smile

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poiloader 2.4.1 quirks - sd cards

I use an sd card to synchronize poi files on my Nuvi units. When loading poi files via poiloader, I occasionally noticed an unexpectedly large poi count. As a quick fix, I insert the sd card, find the garmin/poi folder, and delete the poi.gpi file prior to refreshing my poi files.

POI Loader / Vista

Yea -- It seems to run fine under Vista for most people, but after hearing the same issue from a couple users I figured it was worth sharing on the site.

I don't know what went wrong with their original install, but the steps I mentioned above seem to be a reliable fix.


ty microsoft for letting us

ty microsoft for letting us bata test all of ur new porducts. its an honor. lol