Garmin 3597LMTHD - all waypoint sysbols do not stay on display as previous 755


On my old Garmin 755T, all waypoint symbols could be viewed all the time (with the appropriate zoom, of course). I liked this.
Problem: My new 3597LMTHD will only display the symbols when I approach the waypoint. I want to see them to the side, behind me etc as on the 755.
This is for waypoints manually added to the device or loaded from GARMIN EXPRESS.
Also, the symbols/icons are lost, except for the flag, when I backup or restore using BASECAMP.


This is "Garmin logic" at its best...remove useful features (like a distinguishable icon along with its name which was also shown on the moving map on earlier nuvi models) and replace them with something "new" (like a huge icon bubble) but not improved.

Unfortunately, you're stuck with what is there.

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Forgot About Those

I forgot about the icons w-names. Sounds like my old Street Pilot series actually. I'm assuming the new icons are just like my 3490 which is the heart with the green square? They do in fact take away features and then sometimes bring them back (like route avoidance).

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