Garmin 3597MTHD | Setting Current Time


When I go in to set the GPS current time via "Settings / Units & Time / Current Time", the "Automatic" checkbox below it is always not clickable. Does anyone who owns this unit have the same issue?

Garmin 3597LMTHD | Setting Current Time

The title should have read: "Garmin 3597LMTHD | Setting Current Time".


Doesn't the GPS use the time code sent from the satellite? You shouldn't have to set the time, just the time zone and maybe not even that since the GPS knows where it is.

I have the 2597 and the time

I have the 2597 and the time settings are the same way you outlined.A check mark is suppose to be in automatic.Right before you touch current time. Touch the the three horz lines top left and touch restore. See if that makes a difference.

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On my 3597, Automatic was set by default BUT you do need to get a satellite fix for both the time and time zone to be correct and automatically updated.

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3597 "Automatic" time Setting

I had the same problem. Called it in to Garmin and in a few days I did an UPDATE. The problem is now an update should solve your problem.