Map Update Installs to GPS but fails to Unlock in Basecamp


I always install map updates to both my GPS and computer. Four of the last six map updates installed on my GPS but failed to unlock in Basecamp on my Win 7- 64 desktop. All 6 updates installed perfectly in Basecamp on my Win 7-64 laptop however.

This has always resulted in a call to Garmin support. In each case, I had to give the tech access to my computer and he quickly fixed the problem. He would not tell me how to do it myself. I assume this is to prevent others from unlocking maps illegally.

As discussed in other posts, I have tried the online unlock procedure many times with no success. I went to "My Garmin", copy and pasted the unlock code for the map product into Basecamp still with no luck. Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a fix without involving Garmin support?