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New Magellans since 4350/4370 do not support custom POIs

I've looked around the internet quite a bit. It seems that all the Magellan gps models released since the Magellan Maestro 4350/4370 do not have the ability to edit, create or import custom POIs. The models that do not appear to support custom POIs are the Roadmate 1340, 1440, 1470 and 1475T and the Maestro 4700.

unable to download waypoints from magellan meridian gold stops at 41

Hi everyone, am new to this site and somewhat computer literate. I am at a loss on why my unit wont download more than 41 waypoints. i have reinstalled set baud rate etc. it says timed out or nema is on but it is off as it is supposed to be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
email or on yahoo same name

tranferring maps to my explorist

Hi, Sorry if this is off topic for this site, but desperately need help getting topo map from my pc to my explorist 500. Have vantagepoint on pc as well, but I am stuck crying

Any 4250,4350, or 4700 owners - I got a question

Hey guys, I recently got a Garmin 255 and like it but It has issues not being able to find addresses on state highways in Northern Michigan. I had a Mag Roadmate 1440 for a couple weeks and really like how many more roads are listed as I'm driving than the Garmin shows but ended up returning for possibly better model.

Magellan 3225

What is the link to Magellan's 3225 software?
I purchased a refurb unit from Tiger Direct and did not receive the software. I'd like to upload
the camera and red light POI files from POI FActory.
Thanks for the assist!


New voice for 4040

Just took 5 hour road trip and came to really dislike the voice on my Magellan 4040. I read about an Emily voice (UK accent).

Am I able to add in a new voice to my unit? If so is there any instructions/downloads to accomplish this?

Thanks all.


I have a magellan maestro 4250...can someone tell me the process to load the red light/speed camera info onto this device...

I also have a garmin zumo 550 and it was a breeze...however, as is usually the case with magellan, everything is a bit tougher.

Thank you...

magellam maestro 4050

can anyone help me locate a download of the Magellan POI editor magellan ftp site gives invaild zip.

Magellan 4700 is out now

Like the 1470 but added features and a 4.7 screen

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

Converting CSV for Magellan POI File Editor in Linux/Cygwin

After converting a few .csv files I noticed Magellan POI File Editor doesn't support the formats other devices use very well. So I wrote a small script to convert them prior to loading them into POI Editor. Below is the script:

# converts CVS files to be compatible with Magellan POI File Editor

Convert .csv to mgln

When I try to convert the file, I get an error that says Latitude and Longitude are required fields. I can see the Lat / Long data, but not sure why the program doesn't see it.

Delay in updating with Maestro 4250

I own a Maestro 4250 and am very pleased with the unit. Except for one thing, when the unit is turned on it takes a while for it to display exactly where I am. It is stuck at my original location for about 1 to 2 miles of driving. Is there anyway to avoid this, or anyway to improve the reaction? I realize I could turn the unit on a few minutes before leaving.

Maestro 4350 FM Transmitter

I've had the unit for two months and I use it almost everyday. I had ONLY two days of use where sounds from an FM station coming out of car speakers, i.e., MP3 music and unit voice (Dave) came out clear, no distortion. Then suddenly it changed where I get all this distortion, garbled sound, echoing like in a music hall or auditorium, etc.


I have a Magellan Maestro 3225. I want to know if it is possible to load coordinates directly or do I have to labor through using the POI editor and SD card. Perhaps there is software available to allow this. I know that Garmin "City Centers" allows the user to just put in coordinates directly.
Thanks for any help


Installing POI Manager

I'm trying to install Magellan POI Manager onto my computer and I'm getting an error message

"unable to find iKernel.exe"

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Icons for POI

Hello everyone
I finally figured out how to download POI file and get them to work in my GPS but what I'm trying to find out now is about the available icons on this site. Are you saying I can also use these in my GPS or is it only to sort the POI files on my PC?

If I can use them, please tell me how in your reply.


Happy Magelling during the summer!

Map version

How do I figure out which map is on my unit (4050)? I think it just says ver 27. Does that equate to 2007?

Magellans on Sale At Amazon

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

Help me with Cd

I have Magellan 3225 and I never knew that I will need a program to use for it .
So coming to the point I misplaced Cd came with it . Is there any way any one can get me a copy of it? I do not know what was inside that Cd but must be sum useful information.

Magellan 3225 Firmware Update

Version 4.72 is is now available. I think this is the first update since this model came out. Looks good so far, but Magellan is not very informative about what improvements are included. Easy installation.


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