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Icon for custom POI - How to transfer to Magellan?

I have downloaded a couple of great POI's from this site, however it's not clear to me how I can get the icon transferred to the Magellan Maestro 3250. I am using the Magellan POI File Editor.

Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.

Maestro 3200 Freezing

I have the extra 6mil POI and redlight camera POIs loaded on my Maestro 3200 and everything typically works fine, but it seems like every 5 or 6 times that I get in my car and try to find a poi, the unit freezes and I can only get it back by hard reset. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problems with theirs and if so if you have found a solution.

Magellan 3225

When the battery runs low, and I am in the middle of a trip, I pluggged the car charger into the unit, and got a screen that says" the USB cable is attached to your PC, and POIs can be downloaded..etc, etc" and will not let me rturn to the navigation screen until I disconnect from the charger..How do you get by this hiccup in the unit????

Questions regarding accuracy using the POI Editor for Maestro 4250

Hello, I am a newbee using a Magellan Maestro 4250. After reading up on Geocoding, I decided to try it myself but not having much luck with accuarcy.
I imported a csv file with (street address, city , state and zipcode), into Geocoder. It gave me back some coordinates.
I saved these back to the csv file. Then I opened it in the Magellan POI editor ..... dowloaded it to the GPS Unit.

Maestro 4210

Had a Magellan Roadmate 800 that crapped out on me. Sent it of to Magellan for warranty work. At this point they can't find the unit and have decided to compensate me by supplying me with a new Maestro 4210.

Checking to see if anyone here has had experience with these units (4210). If so; are they good or bad? ( Just trying to prepare myself in advance )

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AAA Tourbook Updates

Just to let you know that AAA website has tourbook updates for Magellan Maestro GPS.

Recourses for the Magellan Crossover

I've been stumbling blind for a couple of days in a renewed effort to find crossover resources. I tried when I first got it, but that was when it was first released and most retailers didn't have it yet and the Magellan website barely even mentioned it.

Magellan POI Manager! Where can I download it!

question Hi all! I have had a Roadmate 700 for four years! I just got the $99 map update! That upgraded my 700 to a 760! I now have a 760 V6! Part of this software lets one create custom POIs! after a horrible 90 minutes on the phone with magellan teck support! They tell me that the POI manager software came with the V5 update! HOWEVER I did not get that update!

Roadmate 1200

Got this for a present this christmas. Was hoping to have gotten the Tom-Tom (even though I hate their commercials) or one that was known to have software and pc connectivity. Can't gripe too much. It was the thought that counted right?? grin

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Magellan Maestro 4250 ?

question I want to get the Magellan Maestro 4250 but don't know what is the advantage over the MM 3225. Please advise!

Nuvi 2595LMT

Loaded my own POI file onto my 3225 ... now have questions

Hi all,

Thanks for all the tips on downloading CSV files, creating a multi-category POI file with the Magellan POI editor and copying my file to the Magellan - this has been a very easy experience thanks to all of you!

Now, onto my issues...

Maestro 3200 - Lat/Long Information for Saved Location

Is it possible to recall the lat/long information for a saved location in the address book of a Maestro 3200? I am wondering about a location that is saved directly using the GPS unit. I realize that it may not be as accurate as handheld units.

3100 Magellan Poi Editor

Is there anywhere else other then the CD where I can find the poi editor?
I can seem to find it on the net.


magellan roadmate 700 map upgrade 6

I've recently upgraded to the ver 6 map/ver 5.36 SW for the Roadmate 700. (Finally)
It seems to allow custom POIs now, original software did not.
Magellan's support (an oxymoron for sure) says they do not have any more POI Tools or Editor CDs since the 700 is discontinued.

Windows Vista

How can I get Magellan Roadmate 300 software to work on Windows Vista. Magellan said they are not going to support Windows Vista. Makes you wonder how they can stay in business.

magellan crossover Firmware Update- Better If you like garmin Interface

This is my first post So introductions are as follows .I currently reside in Kitchener.ont
Canada. I deal in gps resales ,after having
personally feild tested units such as garmin,
navigon,magellan,an LG and some Canadian Tire wonder specials.I have to admit the crossover is pretty sweet with the new update , O.k

magellan crossover

New to gps. I downloaded the poi. file rest areas to my desktop. How do I load this file to my gps. I have the Magellan poi editer but I cannot get the file from my desktop to the editer?

3225 vs 4000 (Magellan)

I am looking to purchase a maestro. I am torn between the 3225 and 4000. I can get them both for around the same price. Also, does the 3225 come with 6 million poi's installed or do you have to install them yourself??


Magellan 3100 - How to add 6 million POI's vs the 750,000 it comes with.

If you are willing to void your warranty and have an SD card, here is the information on how to do it.

Here is the link:

TOMTOM - LG LN740 - Magellan Roadmate 1430 - Garmin Nüvi 255W - Garmin 2455LMT

Converting Texas Parks

I have figured out how to convert some csv files but I have a problem converting Texas Parks. I think it has to do with the format of the file. When I open with Excell All looks good except For column D. Column D has 4 subcategories. Could someone take a look at it and give me a idea what to do please. Thanks in advance.

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