Magellan 3225


What is the link to Magellan's 3225 software?
I purchased a refurb unit from Tiger Direct and did not receive the software. I'd like to upload
the camera and red light POI files from POI FActory.
Thanks for the assist!



I found a guide and the POI editor located at I'm surprised Magellan doesn't host the POI editor to download. You might ask support and tell them you lost your cd.

Thanks for the link, I have

Thanks for the link, I have been looking for this for years smile


I just threw my Magellan 3225 in the garbage after 2 yrs of use.

The Mini USB port fell into the unit and after dis-assembling it, I found that the port was attached to the circuit board with two pin-head sized drops of glue to the inaccessible underside of the board - no solder!

I was really surprised how cheaply it was attached. There was no way to re-attach it unless you wanted to tear the board out.

Overall, I was happy with the unit while it lasted but...

I'll try Garmin or TomTom.